How tobring popup palette in android krita?

Hello. Since android isno longer tied to mouse and keyboard, can somebody tell me how to get pop up palette? I keep getting that pop up palette on my android randomly and can’t figure out how it comes when I have nomouse or keyboard…the click on my stylus isn’t the way, how do I pull it up?

Also, is there a list of android krita shortcuts?

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Press and Hold on canvas. Press and hold is equivalent to mouse right-click, so that should bring up pop up palette. If it doesn’t work try disabling touch painting.

There isn’t much difference between Android and Desktop shortcuts. So far Android specific shortcuts/gestures haven’t been created so it’s the same.

Thank you for reply. I tried the press and hold, but it doesn’t work.
U am not sure how I managed to get the pop up palette, there must be some shortcut, press and hold didn’t give it to me, it just selected colours

I don’t get the popup palette on long press with the stylus either. Krita 4.4.2 on Samsung Tab S6 Lite. Touch painting is disabled under Settings >Configure > General > Tools.

Under the Canvas Input section (also in Configure) I see a Pop up Palette section. It’s currently showing a shortcut for using a mouse button. I couldn’t find a way to tweak that to get something that works.

Farther down there is an S-Pen section, which is the stylus I have, but I’m not sure how to use that section either. The comment mentions it’s for the Note or S6, so maybe the Lite isn’t supported.