Huion vs Wacom

Hello guys,
I’ve watched about all the reviews I can find on youtube about this and read all I could find on reddit but am still stumped.

I’m considering to buy either:


From what I can tell, the only differences between the two are in Huion’s favor namely the price and the laminated screen.

From what I’ve read the Huionis superior in:

  • Price (700$ cheaper than the Wacom which is a big deal).
  • Laminated screen (less parallax than the Wacom)
  • Report rate: Report rate of 266 RPS (the current highest figure in report rate) (source).
  • When it comes to color gamuts. Kamvas Pro 22 has a 120% sRGBcolor Gamut, compared to the 100% sRGB (or 72% NTSC, as Wacom states it). Source
  • Offers 10 spare nibs as opposed to 3 for the Wacom.
    +Offers 10 hot keys while the Cintiq offers none (you need to but a remote controller for that…)

They offer the same:

  • 8192 pressure levels
  • Resolution of 1920x1080 HD

Wacom offers the sole advantage of:

  • Pen nib with an eraser end which is lacking the Huion.
  • Offers a better rotating stand which I don’t care about as I use an ergonomic arm.
  • More reliable drivers
  • More reliable customer service.

I currently have a Cintiq 13HD which have never left me down. The cable has become a bit loose over time and will sometimes disconnect but apart from that it’s really premium quality.

Wacom has had the monopoly for so long, it’s hard for me to determine if the price difference is due to said monopoly of because the quality is there.

I subscribe to two beliefs:
a. you get what you pay for.
b. if it’s too good to be true…

So I’m dubious as to why something cheaper would surpass something more expensive…

The problem I have with what I’ve read on reddit is that the feedback is anecdotal and not very reliable and not to mention is varies greatly from person to person.

Do you guys have any sources as to explain the price difference? I’d like to know what I’m paying for.

Wacom has never let me down before and I’m inclined to believe it won’t but on the other hand 700$ is 700$… At the end of the day I don’t mind paying the extra 700$ if it saves me headaches in the future but at a glance it doesn’t seem to be worth it.

Well I got the ergonotron from wacom and it seems like the best thing ever though could still be even better, but in comparison the arms are bad and not worth it.
I haven’t seen something like it on the Huion side just some triangle thingies.

Honestly I would like to see Huion products better and test them out just never had the chance.

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For those who are wondering, after further research:

  1. Huion is lighter
  2. They both have a 4 1/2 rating on Amazon
  3. Huion 22 Pro is tagged “Amazon Choice”

I can’t say anything for Huion but I can for wacom’s quality:

I bought my first wacom 20 years ago, it was a bamboo A6,
then I bought a second handed a wacom PL550, (a 3:4 15inch cintiq like tablet with a tft screen). It was already 10 years old when I bought it, and was probably intensly used in an animation studio.
then I bought a cintiq 21" inch second handed for my partner which already had a 13HD cintiq
I also bought two tablet PC with cintiq technology inside including an old motion computing LE1600.

They all have one thing in common: they are ALL still working, even the PL550! To be clear, I didn’t treat them well, and all of them where used a lot. For example, even I would’nt recommend the 13HD for the ergonomic and is s***ty cable, I spend 6 month at see in a sailboat using it as an outside GPS display and it didn’t blink!

i bought me a Huion Kamvas 22 Plus for Christmas , im very happy , its not premium quality and i even bought a 20 pin usbc magnet adapter in fear of breaking the really flimsy usb-c port.

the tablet though is super nice , stand is perfect, its laminated and has the new Huion pen PW-517, thats important , only buy a 2020 2021 model with pw-517 pen!

Its also has a etched glass screen which is super nice and its really almost glare free and feels a bit rougher , somehwere in between glass and paper. the drawing sensation with the laminated screen is very real.

xp-pen looks a bit more professional in their design , but i cant say anything about their displays (the biggest problem with the cheap pen displays is washed out colors )

in general the quality of their products varies heavily , and you should onbly buy 2020, 2021 models , xp-pen and huion are just getting good and were so and so before

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I bought the Kamvas 22 Pro! See what happens. Also got a 200$ dollars coupon discount so 900$ total (CAN).

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