I can not get recent versions to work on Mac OS High Sierra

I am having big problems trying to install the latest versions of Krita, both 4.4.4 & 4.4.5

I am using an iMac with Mac OS High Sierra installed, and the previous versions worked just fine. But when I tried to install the versions mentioned above (over my previous installation) and try to open Krita, I get a message that the App is damaged and should put in the trash. After this, I had a very difficult time installing any version of Krita, and was only successful installing a 4.4.3 Beta version. I have tried deleting preference files and everything I thought could have been corrupted, but it just will not work. I have downloaded the Krita files several times at several different dates, but the results are the same.

Is there anyone who has an idea what may be the cause of this and how to fix it?


this is a known problem, you could have a look at the following links, there are different solutions shown.
In the topic Krita 4.4.3 start up error - damaged take a look at the eighth posting. In the topic Damaged When Downloaded, your problem is also covered, and in the two YouTube videos linked below, their creators also promise to offer the solution, I hope for your sake that they are right :wink:

How to fix app “is damaged and can’t be opened…” OS X Sierra
as well as


Sorry, I’m lazy today, it’s translated with help of DeepL.

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Thanks, I will have a look at these!

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I have tried the options from the links bove, but have not found a solution yet. Are there any other ideas? Could this be preferences related, are there other things I could try.

Other people have reported that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3py0kgq95Hk works for them.

I am not sure if I want to try this solution, as I am scared I might damage my system. I guess I will just run the older version for now. I was hoping there would be a solution inside Krita, like deleting certain preference files. As I said, I have successfully installed Krita before, but somehow now it does not work anymore and I wonder what has changed. My System hasn’t so it should be something inside Krita, right?

@postmax: As explained in the various linked topics, the build process for the .dmg has changed and older verions of macOS now have problems with recognising it as a valid .dmg file.
The process in the linked video gives you easy access to a ‘security’ option that lets you bypass this problem and run the .dmg.
Other people have tried this and are happy with the results for running the 4.4.5 .dmg file.

I actually made an error in my problem solving and have found a solution.

The right solution was posted by Michelist, the eight posting in linked thread. The reason why it did not work first, is that I have two parallel installations of Krita (so as not to damage the working version), one for the older beta (Krita) and one for the newer release (Krita 2). I followed the described steps but it did not work as it affected the 1st installation, not the second one. I copied the first part of the string to terminal, and dragged the correct app into the terminal window, and now it has worked!

Thanks a lot for your help everyone.

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I am not a Mac expert and had not yet dealt more intensively with this matter, at best read through the articles roughly superficially. But the cause should be a “security update” from Cupertino I have read some time ago in the “C’T” (THE computer magazine), but I can no longer find the associated article.
After watching the video linked by @halla I assume that this statement with the security update is true, Apple has apparently barricaded its OS even more massively than MS to lock out unknown (unwanted, unpleasant?) software, the modified build process of the *.DMG files is not the cause. And if now this security update is timed close to the changed build process, it can easily give the impression that it’s because of Krita. :frowning:
Until now, I thought such “kindnesses” were a problem of the software forge in Redmond. :wink: For example, the builds of @dkazakov and @Voronwe13 are regularly checked by MS-Defender before execution.


Yeah, I have been an Apple user since 1999 and I really like some things about Apple and MacOS, but the lack of support for open source software like Krita et al. isn’t one of them.

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