I can't draw on Krita with my graphics tablet

When I want to draw on Krita with my Tablet, I can see the cursor or other things but when I start to draw it just grab the page and move it around. I can’t find what is the problem.

I know when I accidentally hold down the pen button it grabs the canvas. If you’re not holding down the button perhaps try to disable it.

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Could you please tell us your Operational System, Krita version, and model of your tablet? Does your tablet function without a problem in others application?
Just as a preliminary assessment this seems like the Space bar Key is being constantly being pressed. When you press the space bar and click in the canvas you just move it around.
Similar problems were reported here in the forum this couple months. Like here and here.


I could imagine it is a setting problem or a driver issue. Or, but that would be too simple, something is on your spacebar, or your spacebar is stuck, or you may be holding down one of your stylus keys while drawing, as @Sewius asked.
Anyway, if it’s not that, could you please tell us what operating system, version of Krita, and graphics tablet you’re using?
Also, you posted your topic in the wrong section of the forum, “Support and Advice // Input Device Support” would have been correct, if you would take care in the future to post your new topics in the appropriate sub-forum section, there is a much higher chance to get help quickly. I will move your topic to the right section “Support and Advice // Input Device Support”.

So, since it’s already about three o’clock in the morning, I’ll sleep and come back tomorrow. In the meantime you can answer my questions, and maybe someone else can help you in the meantime.


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On my side, I’m using Krita 4.4.5. OS is Windows 10 1909.
This issue never happens anywhere else than in Krita.
Everything is totally fine in other programs.
My drawing tablet is a Huion, model HS610.

The only reports of this apparent “space key being auto-pressed” that I remember are from Huion tablets. I too have a Huion, my model is the H610 Pro V2, however I’m using Linux (Pop OS 20.10) and never had those kinda of problems. I rarely use Windows but I think I might use it while using Krita to see if I too experience those bugs.

Can you tell what the version of the Huion drivers are you using? I will see if its gonna be the same I will use on my Windows.

Being a problem specific to Krita is making me suspect it is a problem between Qt and the Huion Drivers. If it is the case contacting Huion Support would be recommended.

My huion tablet driver version is

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This is the latest driver from Huion, my H1060P has it too, seems to be a standard driver. Apparently I’m lucky not to have these problems (yet).


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