I can't even download Krita, please help

I’ve been trying to download krita, I have a MacBook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.6 currently, and every time I try to download the newest version all I’m getting is this message: “krita is damaged and can’t be opened”
And yes, I have gone into my system preferences to make sure my computer will open things that come from places other than the App Store. This version of Mac doesn’t have the “anywhere” option but it should be the same thing.

I would try to download an older version, but I have no idea what to do with all the random file lists that come up when you pull up older versions on the krita website, I’m not seeing a place that allows you to actually download anything.

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This is something that’s been giving problems recently with macOS.
I know next to nothing about macOS but these two recent topics may give you information about how to get macOS to allow excecution:

For older versions via the webiste, the file lists are not random, they are first organised as a list of folders in numerical order of version number.
In each of those folders is a set of files for that version, for all supported operating systems and various ancilliary files that are often important.

All you need to do is find the .dmg file, which is the macOS executable.
There’s only one .dmg file so that shouldn’t be difficult.

Thanks so much! I was able to download an older version which seems to be working fine. I look forward to playing around with the program.

Which version number do you now have working well?
You should use the newest version that you can.
The older versions still have unfixed bugs in them and don’t have some of the latest facilities and improvements to facilities.
However, for painting and drawing, both vector and raster and generally learning how krita works, they are fine.

I just downloaded the one right before the current 4.3 I think? I’lll keep this for now to get used to how krita works and if there’s a new version that I can get to download, I’ll do that in the future.

The current formal release is version 4.4.3.
You might want to try 4.4.0 or 4.4.1, from the old version library, to see if they are ok for you.

4.4.2 (the previous formal release) is here in case that works for you:
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Whatever works for you but the newer the better.
The current problem with it being ‘damaged’ for macOS should be solved by the next formal release, which is expected to be 5.0.0 sometime in August.

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