I need artist to make underwater scenes for a game

Hello!, I’m looking for contributions for an open source game. I need backgrounds and assets. The game can be found here: https://glitchapp.codeberg.page/

The kind of backgrounds and assets that this game requires are mostly underwater elements like kelp, seaweed. corals, and all kind of underwater flora and fauna.There are not only underwater elements in the game but also also many objects, furniture and architecture.

I’m not only interested in complete / finished work but I’m also looking forward for sketches and ideas so feel free to submit your sketches too.

Haven’t yet played the game but it looks wonderful. So I tried playing with a bit of ideas and ended up with “Jellyfish”
(I was surfing through Unsplash and came across it,
Credit : Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash)

It served my inspiration.

Upper one is with touch-up while the one below isn’t

Here are two ideas, they’re finished and I’m working on a few more. (more like a thumbnail rather than a background but as I said, it’s just an idea)


Hei this is beautiful!!! I love it! I’m surprised of your skills! lovely colors and traces! I’m not sure where is the right place but I will try to find where to show it and use it on the game! Thanks for sharing!

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