I need sync my all setting between two PC.some advice~

so the C:\Users*\AppData\Roaming\krita folder must be sync, right?
in addition theses, three “kritarc kritadisplayrc kritashortcutsrc” files will be sync at the same time.
but as I know theses three files in another folder, it is C:\Users*
why these all config files not at one place, one folder? it is very different to sync by an app like Synology cloud station or GoodSync.

in other words. is possible to make the Krita complete portable software. so I just need sync one folder?or put all config files to one folder like C:\Users***\AppData\Roaming\krita?

Those file/folder locations are the standard locations for those types of file/folder.
You should be able to deal with the situation for your purposes by using symbolic links (symlinks).

Before you try this, make a backup copy of your configuration files and resources folder.

If I were doing this, I’d make a folder called ‘kritaconfigs’ in the krita resources folder and move those config files into it. Then create the symlinks in the AppData/Local folder to point to the new location for the config files in kritaconfigs.
Then do the same on the other computer(s).

It may be possible to use file shortcuts instead of symlinks but this depends on the application concerned. In the case of krita, you can only find out by trying it (or wait for a developer to give advice). Symlinks are more or less guarenteed to work with all applications.

As long as you have an independent backup copy of your config files and resources folder, you can experiment and try anything to see if it works.

thank you so much,i will try that method. but make blender portable is very easy:

In your Blender directory on the thumb drive, find the 2.80 folders (or 2.79 or 2.81, etc.) and inside that make a folder named “config” (without the quotes) and now any time you run that Blender it will look for everything local to that installation directory hierarchy and it should all run directly …

Krita is blender sister, so I hope she will study his brother. :laughing:
trust me, this is very important for a guy who works at home and office

You could do the same for a portable installation on a usb drive.
You’d make symlinks for the krita configuration files and the resources folder and make them point to a storage location on the usb drive
The only problem is that you’d have to make sure that the usb drive was always the first external drive to be connected to the PC so that it always had the same drive letter.

Although the previous suggestions might solve your issue, it’s worth pointing out that there are multiple syncing software that allow you to sync more than one folder.
You might want to take a look at syncthing (https://syncthing.net/) which is relatively simple to use, doesn’t require a server and is quite fast :slight_smile:
Alternatively, there is also NextCloud which is more complicated to set up (requires a server) but offer more than just syncing files.

got it. but this method still with risk.it is hard for the noob.
so complete portable ver will be the first choice.

yes, I know, I have to try syncthing and nextcloud. the key point is not one or two folders,
it is the complete portable ver.i can take it anywhere and still keep my setting.UI, brush, shortcut, etc~
put in my USB flash drive and go office.