I there a way to "autopick" the color for the current brush stroke

When I draw fur on a surface that is already shaded or has a color gradient I always find myself in the situation where I basically pick the color from the canvas and make it a few steps lighter before every brush stroke. I wondered if I could have a (smudge) brush that basically “autopicks” the color from where I start the stroke, ideally mixing it with the foreground or background color of the brush.
Currently I use a version of the Wet_Bristles_Rough Brush for that.
Does anyone know a way how I could modify the brush settings to get this “autopick” behavior, if possible at all?

I experimented with disabling Color Rate altogether but then the Value preset which I use to give the stroke a darker beginning and a lighter end has no effect anymore.


You can hold the ctrl key to convart the brush temporarily into colour picker and select the colour from where you are starting the stroke :blush:

I know, that’s what I do already. I still find it too inconvenient. I’d find it better if the brush could do it by itself. I don’t even need it to get picked as the actual fore/background color. Just need a similar behavior.


I was searching and could not find it :disappointed: I remember something like this being in Photoshop, though I rarely used it. If this feature does not exist in Krita, it would make for a great Feature Request! :grin:

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I am a bit confused what you’re actually trying to do. You said your workflow looks like this:

  1. Have a part of image with gradient.
  2. Pick the color from the canvas.
  3. Make it lighter a few steps. (I guess using the Lighter/Darker keyboard shortcuts?)

And then you say you want a brush that would pick the color itself; but how would it know to make it lighter automatically? It would be the version that is on the canvas.

And this:

Is also confusing because it just seems to be a Color Rate option with a different (neither 0 nor 1) strength?

Can you please explain it a bit more precisely, like, what color you have on canvas, what color you want to have on your brush depending on at which part of the stroke you are etc.?

Alternatively, have you tried blending in the color picker itself? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6_scO-rVgE

Yes, currently I pick the color from the spot where I will begin my next brush stroke (to get the color at this point of the gradient). To get the stroke darker/lighter automatically I changed the Value option in the presets to fade (so it starts a bit darker and gets lighter), also I activated Hue to get some variation on every stroke (fuzzy stroke). Changing the Color rate was my first idea to get the “autopick” like behavior, but this basically disables every setting under the Color section. Hue and Value are not applied to the “picked” (smudged) color only to the color which is currently set as foreground and is actually painted.

So, I already have a brush that does the changes in hue and value I need, but I have to pick the new base color every time. Sometimes I forget it in the heat of the moment so it would be cool if I could set up the brush in a way to pick up the base color. It would be convenient.

Something like this you mean?
(3:19 -> 4:35)
Just that it should pick up the new color more instant?

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Yes, this is pretty similar to what I want. Only like it should pick the color unchanged in my case. This is a cool feature.

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