I want help from the most professionals.

My career as a Kritanian (I come up with weird words, sorry lol) is taking a brave place in my life and on this site. Sometimes I have nothing to draw because I don’t know what to do, and that could tear up my thoughts that go through my mind toward the artists’ section.
So that’s why I’m asking all of you (or most people who see this topic) to help me with my work. Give me proper ideas, request brush packs I may want to use, and fix my problems in case I find something difficult.
I don’t just want to post odd stuff such as Fortnite skin concepts or plain random cartoons, I want to post stuff that seem valuable and loved by others in the Krita Artists community. That’s what I want for me, and most of you too. This forum is growing, and I want to make it bloom.
So don’t be nervous just to send me ideas or anything Krita related, even if it may be weird! I hope you all will help me in my new career, and maybe I’ll help you guys out too!

Love you lots, from SimonBrother.


Moved your proposition to a more appropriate category.


I’m no professional. Actually, I think professionals are too busy doing paid work to help beginners.

I do have a couple of suggestions though.

  1. Join the monthly art contest that has just started on this forum.

  2. conceptart.org used to have a weekly challenge called Creature Of the Week (C.O.W.) that I really enjoyed. You could just steal that idea and have a C.O.W. challenge here. If you need a first topic, how about “Sock demon”? The sock demon isn’t really a demon but a vermin that lives in your home and steals one sock if it finds a pair.

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