I was wondering, what happened to krita gemini/sketch?

Krita on android is honestly, quite unintuitive. As expected, a direct port from desktop to mobile platform. Which both have smaller screen and different workflow isn’t going to produce great result.

So I’ve been thinking. Doesn’t we, used to have a more simplified version krita?. I remember seeing it on steam as Krita Gemini or Krite Sketch. It has a simple UI and pretty accessible tool (no traditional menu, many drop down elements, or preference/settings burried behind something).

Today, it’s seems more and more people start doing art on their mobile device quite seriously. Pushing a lot of company to put out dedicated mobile app for them like Medibang, Sketchbook, Ibis, and even Clipstudio.

Making me also wonders, is there any plan to make a dedicated version of krita that actually designed for mobile devices?. A true built from ground up to run on mobile, not a direct port of pc version.


Yes, we know

Krita Sketch and Krita Gemini had to be abandoned when we ported from Qt 4 to Qt 5 because the Qt Company rewrote Qt Quick from scratch, making it impossible to have a Qt Quick UI around and on top of our OpenGL-based canvas. For Qt 6 they have rewritten it once again…

We’re looking into making a dedicated tablet/phone UI again, but we’re too busy with Krita 5 to take action on that, and in any case, we’d have to do that after the Qt 6 port or otherwise there’s a big chance all our workw as in vain.

Btw, last time I looked at Medibang on iOS, it was also a straight desktop port, complete with dialogs and popups.


Glad to hear that the plan is still on the radar, looking forward to it.

As of today it looks like this. .

krita can also make some general changes. For example, the selection toolbar of csp. It is very convenient for both computer and Android users. I don’t know how complicated it is to transform krita’s existing toolbar into it. Maybe the python plugin can do it too