I'm opening Art Commissions

Hi! I’m opening art commissions! I thought it’s a good time to further hone my skills while earning from it. It’s going to be my first time, so it’s pretty exciting. I also overhauled my old website to become my portfolio and where you could request a personal commission. If you’re interested, you can check my website :blush:.



Good luck! I hope this works out for you :slight_smile:


I wish you many interesting and successful commissions in the future :slight_smile:

Am I right in thinking that your website now shows fewer artworks than it used to?

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Thanks so much!

Yeah. I now added around 10-12 of my latest work.

That’s a great idea! For this I keep my fingers crossed and wish you good luck with it! :slight_smile:
Even though I imagine that you will find more users on KA who paint their pictures themselves, there are enough platforms out there on the Internet where commissions are requested, one of the best known examples is probably Deviant Art.
It will come down to informing people of your offer in as many places as possible. Again, good luck!

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Hey @HappyPinecone Good luck and I hope you get very good and successful commissions from which you can improve and learn too.

Having said that, just the other day I had asked another member of our community not to post self promoting links, so without being partial I would have to ask you the same. Sorry If I let you do it I need to let everyone do it. Hope you understand my dilemma.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to ask our members if it is okay if we have a dedicated section in the Jobs category where people can announce their websites and availability for work and also to ward of spams we can set up a limit of only regular members being able to post in it.


For me, this would be okay. Maybe we should start a poll to ask the community?


@raghukamath It’s always difficult to ‘get the balance right’ and your suggestion is a good one.

Okay I have created a new category and moved this post there. Let us see how it goes.


Hello! Sorry about that. It’s been a while since I post in the forum, so I don’t fully remember the policies. I’ll be more careful next time.


I wish you all the best! And I love the look for your commissions page.

Yes, that would be good – I want to give artists a chance to promote themselves.

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Do not worry, I made the category and migrated the post in the correct section now.


I personally don’t really care but I understand the necessity to limit this possibility to regular users of forum and to avoid spam and non Krita users trying to promote themselve here :+1:

There was a small confusion in my mind as you talk about “regular” members (trust level 3)
In category description it’s trust level 2 “Members” so I think it’s good (because if really limited to “regular” users…)


It is limited to trust level 2 and above that is for the “Members” and above

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Should we specify the jobs posted are neither verified nor endorsed by this krita forum?