Image recording Procreate style (no zoom/rotate!) - but better (shows strokes during making them)!

Update: In Krita 5.0.0, there will be a new Recorder docker that will do exactly that, but with less trouble (and you don’t need to rely on OBS), except that it won’t record sound and it won’t record during strokes. So, good for timelapses, worse for tutorials and stuff. You can already test it in Krita Next but beware of resources trouble (best way to behave is to not modify resources on Krita Next yet).

TL;DR: Create new view inside a new window, put window behind the one you’re painting on, make OBS record the window instead of the whole screen.

I bet lots of you have thought about that, how awesome it would be to have Krita record strokes like Procreate and then just make a simple quick timelapse. One of the advantages is that no matter how you zoom or rotate, the image will be still, so no matter how much you speed it up, your viewers won’t get nauseous from all the blinking.

Here I share a trick to achieve this with Krita, OBS (or any other screen recorder) and Kdenlive (or any other video editor). OBS and Kdenlive are both free and open source, just like Krita.

  1. Open/create your image.
  2. Go to Window -> New Window, and in that new window go to Window -> New View. Select the image you want to view.
  3. In the window you’ll be using for painting, make sure to rotate/zoom the image so you know which window is which in the next step. In the other window, position your image the way you want it to be seen in the result video.
  4. In OBS (or your screen recorder of choice) add a new source that will capture the window: in OBS go to “Image source” which is between “Scenes” and “Sound mixer”, click the + button, select “Window Capture”, then name it somehow, like - “Krita Window Capture”, then select the proper window. It might be tricky since I don’t think Krita tells you which window is which… But you can always change it to the other one. You should see this window there.
    • Make sure you have the “switch blue and red” set up properly!
    • And make sure you don’t capture the cursor.
      Here you should see that one Krita window has the image zoomed in, and the other properly positioned for the video. Select the window that has the proper position and rotation and zoom.
  5. Make sure that only the new window source is visible in the “Image sources”.
  6. Paint on “your” Krita window, while having the other window behind the one you’re working on. Change the positioning/zoom/rotation of the image. Strokes should be visible in the OBS preview window, but the rotation etc. should have no effect.
  7. Click record and start painting!
  8. In Kdenlive or any other video editor you can remove the Krita GUI (or leave it, if you prefer) and speed up the video.

Common issues

  • no canvas in recording of window on Windows: update your graphics card, try switching to ANGLE/DirectX in Configure krita -> Display (restart Krita)
  • the video shows zooming and rotating - probably mixed up windows?
  • the video shows zooming, rotating and even my web browser I use for references - probably mixed up sources, just disable the screen source altogether to make sure only the window one is recorded.

Thanks for explaining this trick @tiar . It helps to record some timelapses without all the zoom and rotate actions making viewers dizzy :slight_smile:

Just to add, that we also have a WIP merge request to add this feature in krita, i hope it gets completed soon :slight_smile: