Impasto portrait

I’m really happy how this turned out. The impasto effect was achieved with combination of two brushes, one a modified rgba smudge brush for most of the work, and another brush with a lightness map brush tip (a picture of a thick brush stroke) with a high spacing value, using it as a “stamp”, dulling smudge mode . For the final pop I used two brushes from the Filter engine, one sharpening, and another with a Values filter.


Drekavac, I really like the effect you created. I have been trying for months to get the effect of the brush stroke, with a little oil effect. I have not been successful. When it comes to work with the Edit brush settings I am completely lost. Good work.

This is amazing! I am always wanting to loosen up my brushstrokes like this!


That’s really cool! :open_mouth:

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Thanks! I think the key is to tweak the neutral point, brightness and contrast parameters to your liking (like I did in the picture below. I like the RGBA stamps from IForce13 (thanks to them BTW!). In the most contrasty parts of the painting, I further increased the sharpness with the Filter sharpen brush from the Krita 4 default resources bundle. It’s always trial and error type of thing with brush parameters, we sometimes stumble upon the solution after hours of tweaking!


Another one


Drekavac, thanks for your reply. How do I get the IForce 13 stamps?

Here’s the YouTube video… The download link is in the description.