Inviting anyone to tweak some WIP plein air art i'm working on

I’m trying some Mypaint brushes.
i really like the dirty offset ones and the dirty ones.
i’ll try and incorporate DIRTYOFFSET Off-dots but add a colour + desaturate filter so it is not rainbow colored.
as well as DIRTYOFFSET Off-dots2 except with the line tool.

if you are going to tweak i invite you to try some of the brush bundles i’ve hand (environment-type brushes) selected for you.
tis is what i have so far
on the lower left is where i used the off-dots. and then put some Ramon mypaint grass FX above.

ill add some subtle rgba in the clouds

also using some brushes you wouldnt think would work. but getting suprising results with. ill make a video of it
X3CD Doodle from the Grindrod pack


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