IOS version for krita?

Hello everyone! Recently I have been using the iPad and am loving it, the only thing that is missing is krita! I personally think krita on iPad would be perfect considering the focus it has on creative arts

Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions!

Also thank you to the devs for all your hard work! I absolutely adore krita and it’s really the only software I use.

Ohh I didn’t know that, that really sucks actually. I guess it would be a while before krita on iOS -_-
Thank you so much for the reply though I honestly wasn’t expecting any

P.S. I don’t mind the rant at all, everything you said made apple sound really annoying

Krita is not going to appear on iOS systems unfortunately, but there is another option:

  • you can use this program
    ‎EasyCanvas Pro on the App Store
    … and use iPad as screen-tablet when playing around in Krita (Windows version).
    But it’s paid solution.
    Cool enough, isn’t it? Perhaps I’ll try to check it myself in some time… :wink: