Is there any way to copy/export color profile from other monitor

The difference between my pc and laptop screen colors is so far i literary can’t work on it.
Confused by what color even i’m using at the time.

So, is there any way i can export or copy color profile from one monitor to other monitor?


Copying a color profile from a monitor to another will just render things worst.

Here a post about some possible solutions:


No. doing that would result in more weirdness. What you want is a colour calibration device like this and using that you can adjust your display’s colour profile to be more sane. From what I see your monitor on top has yellow bias and the one below has blue, one of them or both may be wrong.

From my experience Laptop displays are usually too shitty to do any meaningful artistic work on them. Maybe this changes for the more expensive ones but anything I had in the past with a pricetag of about 1000 € was crap and uncalibratable. I bet there are special laptops for digital artists that can do a good job but I bet they are expensive as hell. A good monitor for art can cost you about 1000 bucks alone and it doesn’t even has a computer attached to it.

You want an IPS monitor not a LED one. Led is really the worst kind you can get only thing decent is the frame rate.

Those aren’t alternatives but technologies for two different things: IPS is a princiole for the LCD, whereas LED is the kind of backlighting - not mutually exclusive. Pretty much all modern monitors are LED these days.

What you don’t want is a TN panel, which is too sensitive to viewing angle.

Thanks all for the answer, I decided to sell it. Maybe I’ll just get some old flagship tablet instead, which usually both cheaper and have better screen though smaller. Or maybe just forget about something altogether until the market become a little more sane. . . .

My experience is that it’s possible. I’ve never owned a expensive super screen for professional use. Instead I invested in calibration equipment and calibrated my screens. It works and you can do professional work on that. That will save money and make it easy to trust what you see.

I’d say that it’s more important to have a screen with good brightness so the calibration has some marginals to work with when fixing the colors.

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