It's been a while since we've seen @........ ,their last post was ......months/years ago

Something that has been bothering me for a time now, were these messages above someone’s topic that say, that their last post was a few months/or even a year ago and in the same topic there is one of their posts posted a couple of hours/minutes ago. Is there a reason for this, that I don’t now of?

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That’s the point - it triggers when someone makes a new post after being absent for a while.

Or do you mean it doesn’t seem to be working as intended? Is there an example you can link to? :thinking:

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Hmm… that does look at least partially incorrect. I think there was a gap of a few months since the previous post, but it says it’s been a year. :thinking:

Better summon Lord @raghukamath to cast his all-seeing eye over it… :eye:


Indeed something is amiss, I’ll take a look and check the discourse forum software support channel. Thanks for the ping.


Isn’t the “It’s been a while …” message supposed to refer to that single post directly under that message in relation to this post’s preceeding post?

Say, the member generated 5 “It’s been a while …” messages in the past years. Now a new comment appeared 2 minutes ago. Should this new comment cause the forum software to remove all 5 “It’s been a while …” messages?

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