Jagged and Antialiasing Lines

I’m currently using Krita for Vector art.
But i want perfectly straight lines with no halfed corners or jagged lines.
This issue occurs whether i use the vector layer or not.
Any advice?

I checked the documentation.
For the Rectangle tool for example its supposed to have an anti-aliasing option but my Krita doesn’t show that in the tool options.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It looks like the manual has included a description of the rectangular selection tool (which does have anti-aliasing) at the end of the painting tool description.
Can you make a bug report about this at https://bugs.kde.org/ (sign up and sign in are needed)?
Please post the link to the bug report in a reply here after you do.

In your uploaded image above, it looks like you used the pixel art brush preset to paint the rectangle. It has that stray pixel problem when painting straight lines. I suggest that you use the Basic-1 brush preset instead.

Even on a vector layer, the canvas presentation has anti-aliased rendering because, in general, that makes it look better. Also, you are zoomed in and can see the individual pixels of the final image.
You can make the vector corners more square by using the Tool Options docker ‘caps and joins’ options:

Thanks for the reply Ahad i did manage to check it out.
I do want to see the individiual pixels as im focused on making precise vector art.
I was able to make pixel perfect on the initial shape creation but now when i start to move it while zoomed in more than 100% it creates a line blur at specific parts of the vector shape. It does this when i move with the “select shapes tool”; if i use the “Move Tool” it moves it just perfectly without making any blurs but it moves the entire layer.

The blur remains when i zoom back to 100% and you can see that the shape doesn’t look clear

All I can think of is to do ‘full pixel art’ with the Pixel Art brush on a paint layer.
By careful manipulation of the line tool, you can make a straight horizontal/vertical line with no steps in it because it does give you a preview if you stop moving the line tool for a short time. It’s not an ideal solution of course.
Someone else may know some techniques to get ‘pixel perfect’ rectangles at that small scale but I don’t.

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Alright thanks :slight_smile:

Which brush do you use? Some of Krita’s brushes are made to make quite random lines.

Being able to disable anti-aliasing on vector layer is what I want to see too, and I did started a thread on it. A few other people here want it too.

I configured my own brush using the pixel art as the base. I was able to get perfectly straight lines and even the antialiasing disappeared but moving these vector shapes creates antialising in the direction it moves when you’re zoomed in. But if you move it at 100% usually it remains perfectly clear

This is what i managed to get now

This what happens after i move it

See its blurry at the top now. I dont know what issue this is.