Jean Simmons in charcoal with Krita

Done with the Charcoal_KA bundle. I hope you like it.

Thanks mates for all what we achieve together. :heart_eyes:


I liked it, excellent work, the effort and dedication you gave to the video and the brushes, what you do really very valuable, thousands of applause. Also, that portrait is fabulous, very, very similar to real charcoal, what you did is too good, now the tests of these new brushes, can we upload them here? or in the other forum where are the old brushes ?.


A very beautiful portrait and it was fun watching you on the video. Thank you for the brushes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow Ramon, this is pretty crazy to be honest. The brushes look insanely good and the video is on point. Thank all you guys for doing this!


@TheFlow supergood comment. I am super happy with the result. Now is the turn for our community to see how they use these new brushes

@Erisian I have enjoyed with the premiere. Thanks a lot for your support

@daroart37 you mean a lot here, all the sketches, our private talks, thanks a lot too for your support. I am pretty sure you can do amazing artwork with them. About uploading new sketches, here is a good place :wink:

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The brushes are insanely good - I’ve just been playing with them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yep! - Another beautiful study; definitely looks like her, and the charcoal effect is very convincing!

Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into producing these brushes. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I don’t feel I was much help in the end - I did do a fair bit of sketching you didn’t see but then struggled to filter my thoughts into meaningful feedback. :sweat_smile:

Anyway - they’re done now so I’ll be sure to give them a thorough workout!

Cheers! :beers:

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That is fantastic.

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I really love the set. Thank you very much for sharing!

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First of all i would like to say Thanks. Krita community deserves this and much more,

2nd, this is not the end. I think for 2020 is enough in the brush creation. I will be reviewing all my production a few days to have clearer new goals for 2021. Stay tuned

3rd, now the best way to promote these brushes is with amazing artwork coming from you. I encourage you to break the limits of these brushes and show the Procreate, ClipStudioPaint, PS, and other communities how good Krita is.

As a note: i have realized that skills are increasing and we have already good artists in pro level. :wink:
Now is time for me to continue learning and creating educational contents. Thanks


Excelent post @RamonM !!! The portrait is amazing, and the video well… you did it again!! Congratulations!, and thanks you again for your work.
I’m eager to see the @daroart37 's tests of these brushes.
I´m already having fun, but mixing the news brushes with the old ones. I attach here a portrait of Chavela, I hope you like it.


@RamonM I really enjoyed the video and think this piece worked out magnificently!
I only recently joined the forum, but want to express that I’m in awe with people like you being so invested in this great software and its community

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wow, thanks a lot. In fact is a long road with Krita since the 2011, so for me is a good journey and i learn a lot too with the community. Welcome! :smiley:

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Is really good, I like it because is not so soft and perfect. is rough and full of energy. I am glad you like the video. About brushes, which ones do you use more?

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Thanks! Yes, it’s rough and it has a lot of lines, I’m experimenting still. For the lines I used Charcoal_05 -one of the old brushes- and Charcoal_03_Pencil-Grainy. And for fill the dark areas I was testing diferent options. The main ones were Charcoal_05_Stick_Supergrain -another old brush- and Charcoal_03_Pencil-Grainy. I never drew with analogic charcoal, so your video was very usefull to me. I did see how to use the tilt function for make lines and fill some areas using the same brush.

Excellent video! I will try out the charcoals! Thank you!

Thank you for the new brushes. This is great

I very much enjoyed your video, and am extremely impressed with your Jean Simmons portrait in charcoal. I have been experimenting with real charcoal portraiture over the last few weeks, and I am amazed at how much using your new charcoal brushes feels like using real charcoal (although it is much tidier!) Thank you so much for creating and sharing all this with us.