Just Flowers, not perfect, not needed

More info in my insta account. I am tired of writing. Today has been really complicated day. anyway, enjoy it.


Love it ! I love the painterly textures.

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Love et! :heart:

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Speechless :zipper_mouth_face:

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You also started an instagram account? Could you share the link?

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Is not new, I am deciding what to post there because I am a little confused. Usually I put my discovers or investigation In Twitter and fb so why duplicating the post? I am quite new in Instagram. Also the language. Spanish, English?
Recent works only?


My eyes popped out when I saw this beautifull piece!


Wow, the texture is amazing! Is the water texture made with G’mic?

No, is pure Krita ;). New brushes for the future video if people wants


wow I really love how you playful on this one. Looks Like you enjoye it.

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Fabulous painterly feeling !!!

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