Just Lost Everything. How to Recover?

Undo stack size and the autosaved file as well as my backup file all worked perfectly to make me lose everything I did for the past 4 hours. Any way to recover any of this? Or have I just wasted 4 hours on this program?

I went to Settings/Configure Krita/Genera/File Handling and set number of autosave files to 1000, and under Miscellaneous I set Undo Stack Size to 1 billion. Note to developers, that last bit should be the default, it isn’t for whatever reason.

a) There i sno number of autosave files setting: there is a number of backup files setting, but that’s something different. See https://docs.krita.org/en/user_manual/autosave.html
b) Of course not. That would be very bad for memory consumption, and anyway, 1000 is the maximum.

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The Undo Stack size is limited to 1 thousand so I’m not sure how you set it to 1 billion.
You can’t adjust the number of autosave files and the number of backup files is limited to 99.
Did you Save the document at all during that 4 hours?
Do you have any files called -autosave.kra or .kra~ ?

Edit: I’m always so slow when composing posts :slight_smile:

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a) My god, it’s even worse than I gave it credit for, my mistake. Well now that that’s horrifyingly clarified, it would actually be really handy to have number of autosaves available.

b) Nah, I didn’t see it was auto-changing my number to 1000 until just earlier. Point though (yeah I wanted it to be less aggressive that’s why I edited it lol), 30 is wayyy too low, especially now that you’ve clarified autosaves to be even worse than I thought it was…

Well, you can actually input 1 billion it just changes it to 1000 when you press ok. I was really happy at first when i didn’t see it was changing it but yeah you’re right )=

Yes I did save the document, a ton of a lot, ironically because I was so paranoid of losing progress, and the autosave file didn’t go as far back as I needed it to, hence having say, 5 autosave files that each go back 5 minutes incrementally would have been handy. Goddamnit.

The problem is I accidentally clicked on the wrong layer and started working on another area, often pressing Delete to clear it instead of erasing because it’s faster, not knowing I deleted a main body of sketch. Unfortunately, with the Undo being shortsightedly low by default, there was no longer any way to recover that which was lost.

This is was so goddamn heartbreaking. When I realized what happened I was like https://youtu.be/ZLJwa3oUm3Y?t=132

Maybe you should investigate the two save incremental options.

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Ehhh, I still have this little handy feature request - never anywhere written, obviously - that would just give me like 5 slots of different (auto)save options, incremental or not incremental, automatic or manual, shortcuts to trigger and everything… for example autosave every 4min to not lose any progress, incremental autosave every 30 min to have image stages, and an option for manual incremental save. That would be handy :slight_smile:

But for now, I just use Save Incremental Version every 1h or so and when I close krita, and the rest is dealt with by autosave (in case Krita crashes etc.). I never lost anything. 4.2.0-7 versions had some issues with saving (as in, Windows is stupid and pushes changed to hard drive after about 8 minutes, so incorrect closing of the computer vanishes all the data), but if you’re using 4.2.8, even that shouldn’t happen. Anything else is just a matter of a user pressing “OK” in the “Are you sure you don’t want to recover/save?”…

@Markovich you haven’t explained yet what exactly happened? Why did you lose work?

This reminds me of the cyclic autosaver mods that bethesda games often have and I used (due to their buggy and crash happy nature).

The way they worked was to have a configurable number of autosave slots, each of which would be used every X minutes, and when it reached the last one, it would cycle back to the first. Very handy for keeping recent saves while using bounded disk space.

Well, I meant different kinds of slots :wink: more like: slots for autosave settings, and you can have multiple active at the same time.

I did realise that :slight_smile:
I mentioned it because I thought it might be a good fit for one of those slots, it’s something I’ve never seen outside Bethesda game modding and I’d like to see used more often.

Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this. Also I already explained what happened in the last paragraph of my reply to Ahab yesterday. Also, sadly there was absolutely no autosave file in the %temp% folder so I don’t even know where that went. All in all, pretty janky and I had to find out the hard way, jesus.

Well I definitely will now, after realizing how all the other default systems were so much worse than I assumed, lmao.