KDE needs a new design for our sticker set

Every year we re-design our sticker set in time for Akademy – although the set is then used beyond Akademy. This year is no different and we are asking the community to come up with ideas.

Here are the “rules”, but basically we are looking for pictures for the more artistic of the stickers shown in the examples (i.e. the Konquis and Katies – the logos will of course stay more or less the same). These designs often feature dragons, because… well, because KDE.

That said, if you come up with another brilliant image that is clearly KDE-related, we will definitely like to see it.


Here are some samples from past years.


We will be giving an Akademy bundle, consisting of an Akademy T-shirt and a collection of stickers to all designers whose work we end up using.

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Designs made in Krita would be great to have.


Agreed. It would be great. Many of the more recent designs by Tyson Tan where created in Krita. Like the “Katie and Konqi go Plasma Mobile” design:

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Send submissions to the Akademy Team before 18th July


Less than 48hrs now :sweat_smile:


I’m pretty sure they will leave it open for longer. Don’t hurry!


thanks for sharing! gonna try to find time this weekend to try something

I’ve a question

The design needs to be able to work at a small size (~50mm²) and be designed using Free Software tools.

50mm² means a ~7mm square side
Is it real? or is it more something like "The design needs to be able to work at a small size (~50mm square size) and be designed using Free Software tools."


They mean “your design must look good when shrunk down to fit in a 5 cm x 5 cm square”.

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Work In Progress :slight_smile:
I won’t have the time to create it as SVG document, but it’s currently a high definition (~140x200mm @ 600dpi)

I have to check render on a 50x50mm square…

Concerning KDE logo, we have to put them on sticker, or we just need to provide Konqi?


Just the Konqi. I would recommend removing the pink outline. They will add that with the correct width when they send the stickers to the printer.


I’ve made 2 proposals and submitted them to Akademy Team :slight_smile:

Konqi is happy :slight_smile:

Note: I forgot to precise in email, but drawing are of course under BY-CC license
(or if really needed, BY-CC-SA)



I made a Konqi design as well. :sun_with_face: :coffee: (Not really sure about the colors.)

Krita file for anyone that would like to give it a poke:



These are super-cute! I think the one with flowers may have too much detail for a small size. but I am keeping them all the same for future use. Thank you so much!

License: CC-By SA?

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:
I put just CC BY in the krita file and in the mail sent to akademy-team but I can change it to CC BY-SA if it’s required/preferred.

The one on the right is especially adorable, love it :smiley:

Either are fine. Thanks!

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The deadline for delivering designs for stickers has been extended until this Friday, July 22.

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