Kdenlive stuff

So I just started to learn Kdenlive to replace my old video editor I used.
However I am having some issues with installing it properly.

Does Kdenlive have some sort of forum or something they use that I can ask? I do exactly what the developers want me to do from the patch notes and the feature does not work due to faulty installation.


KDEnlibe is part of KDE

Go to KDE forum:


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When I had a problem installing Kdenlive I found some help on forum.kde.org.
Hope it helps.


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I thought that forum was for the KDE linux distro OS.
so Kdenlive is inside that forum too… I need to investigate it better and see where it is inside.
Thank you.

uhmm the KDE forum seems very inactive.
I have been taking a look and Shotcut has a forum similar to this one and it seems way more active.

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