[Keyboard shortcuts] Register keypresses rather than symbols

On my keyboard, UK layout, English International settings, the [’] key does not register for keyboard shortcuts. When set to UK language, there is the issue that the symbol is only placed by tapping the key once followed by the spacebar. What Krita seems to do is register a certain symbol instead of a particular keystroke, because with the UK language set, it requires tapping the [’] key twice, because this places the symbol, like so [’’] (which means the symbol is registered, hence why Krita executes the keyboard shortcut). This is on 5.0 Beta 2 for Windows 10.

E: The tilda key [~] exhibits the same problem as it places a ` by default.

PS: I would like to report this as a bug report, though I don’t fancy creating a spam email address for the KDE website in order not to receive spam. Would it be possible to register/ display a username, rather than an emailaddress that is shown publicly? I fear that I miss replies to bug reports as I won’t check the spam emailaddress regularly…

On Linux and Windows 10, with 5.0.0-beta2, I can use ' and ~ as keyboard shortcuts.
If you use two sequential keypresses for a shortcut (provided the first isn’t already used as a single shortcut) then that would appear, in this case, as ',' The comma is used as a separator between sequential keypresses.

My keyboard is UK layout and language settings are British English.

So, I’ve no idea why you’re having difficulty :frowning:

For an email address for use on the bug reporting forum, can you set up a ‘spam’ email address that forwards to your regular email address?

Trashmail.com has always been very good for addresses that you want to keep a little longer. They have a very good web interface to manage your accounts comfortably, with paid accounts you can set up addresses without expiration date and if necessary adjust an expiration date, with free accounts addresses are valid up to thirty days (adjustable), and the expiration date could be extended with free accounts, at least in the past, up to 3 times.
For free, you can set up 25 addresses, with forwarding to your own address, etc., and with the paid offer you can set up to 5000 addresses and even send messages via the fake addresses, very comfortable.

However, I myself use a different system today. Maybe this is also something for you?
I have about 15 mailboxes with different free providers, which I use for different purposes. I have categorized these mailboxes into different “trust levels”.
My mail program has a neat filter function, with which I sort HAM from the “good accounts” into the appropriate folders, and “desired SPAM” like some mandatory registration into other folders and regular SPAM ends up in Device NULL, the garbage can. :wink:
And for email matters where it is clear from the start that it is only a one-time “data exchange”, I use disposable addresses.
For the 150 emails I receive on average days, it takes me about two minutes a day to “manage” them, since almost everything is automated.


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Weird. Can you use the single quotation symbol keys (the ones with these symbols ’ `¬) to execute on a single key press consecutively? I.e. assign either one of these to toggle lock layers, single press to lock and double press to unlock? When I set my language to be US International (my default and preferred setting) it does not even register these keys. How is this on your end?

P.S. Thanks for the tips on thrash emails, but my question really is: should the average go through such lengths to report a bug? I think, in case they know the email address is shown in public, most will refrain from reporting there, which is to the detriment of Krita’s development.

With the latest nightly appimage on Debian 10, I can use those symbols as keyboard shortcuts.
I test with the ‘Show colour selector’ (default is Shift+I) because it’s an obvious thing to see and easy to get rid of, just move the cursor off it.

If you use a key/symbol as a single press shortcut, you can’t use it as a double press sequence because the first press will be intepreted as the single press use. You need to use ‘spare/unused’ keys to start a key sequence shortcut.

Also, there is an interesting ‘timing’ problem with multi-key sequences.
If you have a multi key sequence and press the first key (which has no effect) then do something such as paint a stroke or a few, a subsequent press of the second key will activate the shortcut.
That could be confusing if you make an accidental keypress which just happens to be the start key of a shortcut sequence.

As for the bug reporting forum display of email addresses, I suppose it was developed in more ‘innocent’ times when people trusted the world more than they do now.
I’ve never had ‘spam’ associated with the address I use for it and I suppose that the harvester mechanisms regard it as of low or no target value, being full of technically and security aware people, mostly.

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Mmm, then I should investigate what’s going wrong, as I can only register such keys by pressing and clicking off the key record thingy. I did not want to use them as double strokes, they somehow happen to work that way, despite having set the command to activate at one go.

How keys are handled is OS and on Linux window-manager dependent – and it’s all handled by Qt, so it’s not like we could do anything with a bug report.

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Good to know, do you have any idea how it could be resolved in my case (if at all)?

@Hologram Given that it all works on my Windows 10 system, I think it’s something about the detailed settings of your Windows system and settings, but I’ve no idea which ones or where.

I’ve searched all over the internet, but I cannot find what’s causing the issue. Surely it has to do with dead keys (keys that only input upon entering a second key). What’s weird is that I cannot even input ctrl+shift+[ and it becomes ctrl+[. However, I managed to fix this by manually editing the .shortcuts file with Notepad++. Nevertheless, this trick does not apply to the dead keys.

Sofar I have customised shortcuts in a dozen of different software packages ranging from Blender, to Autodesk’s suite, Rhino, Adobe’s suite, Pureref, MS office, the Affinity suite and none of them exhibit the problems I am encountering in Krita for this matter. So I am really clueless here now.

I always have had this kind of issues in all softwares though.