Kiki and Leão on the beaches of Brazil in the summer

This was certainly a challenge that I really enjoyed doing.

My process is quite confusing because it is not my favorite style of illustration.

First, it was to meet the characters in an artistic way and for that I trained based on the references to the conception of both characters and try to understand what was going on in the head of Tyson Tan and Ajamarie Abad. when they created them.

I came to think of creating in a realistic style as in the film “The Chronicles of Narnia”, but I soon discarded the idea. It wouldn’t make much sense, I thought.
Well, after feeling familiar with the traits and style of the characters (believe me, it wasn’t easy) I started to study poses and compositions. At this stage, I like to scratch on paper and move away from digital a little and as I was convinced it would be summer. After all, I live in Salvador, Brazil. A city that is practically summer all year round and has beautiful beaches.
Finally, this idea of ​​having Kiki and Lion relaxing a little on the paradisiacal beaches of Brazil with its 7367 km of coastline to be explored by our adventurers ended up being. Not forgetting to stay hydrated with coconut water of course.
As I am returning to work at Krita this past month, I explored many brushes, including the one provided by Digital Atelier, I found them incredible and I want to continue working with them.
One of the things that came in as an extra was the creation of a workflow with several layers. How amazing the separation of layers by colors and the filling from the line drawing. There were many learnings.
I thank everyone involved for the opportunity and incentive to motivate and promote people’s art and talent.

Kiki: Krita's Mascot | Krita

The high resolution image is on this link.


Muito bom!

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