Krita 3 Congratulations

(Please forgive me, English is very bad, machine translation.)
Hi, everyone, I am Seaway, from China.
I am very happy that Krita has her own art website.
I can share works using Krita paintings here.

This piece is the first time I used Krita paintings in 2016, the version is 3.0.
Also congratulations on the release of Krita3, so I painted Kiki.
I hope everyone likes it.:grinning:


What a lovely and dynamic kiki!

Awesome. Lighting from below always gives such a cool vibe, in my opinion.

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This is really awesome! Now Kiki is a superhero too :slight_smile: I think this will be #featured :slight_smile:

And also welcome to the forum!



I love the colors and the dynamic composition. The one thing that distracts is the tangent between the top of the brush and the head - i think if you let the brush overlap the hair to take away that tiny space it would improve the composition


Very good proposal, thanks :+1:

Well done.

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Very dynamic, nice job!