KRITA 4.4.2 LIQUIFY MODE (in-depth 2021 tutorial inside the transform tool)

LIQUIFY, LIQUIFY… oh my… we are going to learn a lot today. Hello everyone and welcome back to the series on Krita’s tools.

This video is a little longer than the last ones, as we have a LOT of material to cover. As usual, I have included a timestamp to help you navigate and skip sections that you don’t care about.

Today, I am going to see how the liquify tool can help you manipulate your images. All buttons and functionalities are explored, explained (when I can), and demonstrated.

00:00 Introduction
00:36 A quick overview
02:18 Build Up Mode
03:24 Wash Mode
03:45 Explanations (explaining Wash Mode, to the best of my understanding)
05:57 Five Liquify “Tools”
06:26 Move “Tool”
07:07 Scale “Tool”
07:25 Rotate “Tool”
07:52 Offset “Tool”
08:37 Undo “Tool”
09:17 Tuning the sliders
09:44 Size
10:30 Best settings for each slider?
10:49 Amount
12:12 Flow (under Build up)
12:22 Spacing
13:25 Spacing Settings
13:44 Reverse
14:06 Stylus
14:56 Flow (Wash Mode)
16:28 Recursive Transform
17:49 Conclusion (Introducing the next tutorial)

Grab an old painting and have fun with it… See you next week!

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I shared it on twitter :slight_smile:

I am so lucky to have your support. Thank you!!! And thank you for watching. I really hope that I explained the difference between the build-up mode and the wash mode well. I am not a software developer, so you may have laughed at the way I explained all of it. I just hope I was close enough to sound professional… and that it made sense… LOL. Have a great day.