KRITA 4.4.3 INTRO TO BRUSHES - Downloading & Installing a new brush bundle

Hello and welcome to this new series of tutorials. Due to popular requests, I am starting this new series of tutorials around brushes.

I begin the first episode of the series by showing you how to download and install a new set of brushes.

For the purposes of this tutorial and to make it easier, we’ll be using the Resources page on Krita’s website.

The link is: Resources — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation

Of course, you are more than welcome to look for brushes elsewhere.

00:00 Introduction
00:27 My attempted plan: Listing the different episodes of the series.
00:41 Looking at Krita free brush packs
03:27 Downloading a new brush bundle
06:32 Installing the brush bundle we downloaded
07:34 Finding the brush stamps
08:20 Finding the brush presets
09:02 Speed painting (testing the new brushes)

Next week’s episode will be about organizing the brushes. Have a great week. Bye!


Hello @CelticCoco and thank you for starting a much needed series of tutorials for this. I have some comments :slight_smile:

1:04 Oh yes! Finding where to click is often the most difficult part of downloading anything.

1:40 You can’t download from Deviant Art unless you’re signed in. They have that wrapped up tightly.
I’m sure that you have caring and sharing artistic friends/family who could help you :slight_smile:

The Aldy, Stalcry and iForce73 packs are not bundles. They are zipped collections of resources files i.e. paintoppresets and/or brushes (tips/stamps). Those have to be manually unzipped and the contents manually placed in the appropriate folders of the krita resources folder.
They will then be available for use after krita is started/restarted.

Many people have made packs like this because of early difficulties or confusion with creating bundles in krita.

4:00 The Nylnook pack is actually a krita bundle file. After you put it in the …\krita\bundles folder it should have been immediately available for use after krita was started/restarted.

Using the Resources Manager to Import a bundle is the other way of getting a bundle into krita for use.
People who aren’t comfortable or familiar with navigating the file system would probably prefer the Resources Manager Import method.

9:43 I didn’t think it was hideous or ugly at all.

I’ll look forward to seeing your next video in this series :slight_smile:

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Hello AhabGreybeard.
Looks like I am improving. The list of comments is short today. LOL. :rofl:

I doubt it is because of any “improvement”.