Krita-5.0-beta2 appimage missing version `GLIBCXX_3.4.26' for libexiv2

Oh thanks :slight_smile:

but on my side I can’t execute appimage

/home/grum/Applications/Images/Krita/krita-5.0.0-beta2-x86_64.appimage: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.26' not found (required by /tmp/.mount_krita-1hyHfI/usr/bin/../lib/

But no problem to execute 5.1 nightly…


That’s strange, because that file is present in the appimage in that location:

halla@thinkstation:/tmp/.mount_krita-HILJah/usr$ find . -name \*exiv\*

halla@thinkstation:/tmp/.mount_krita-HILJah$ ldd usr/bin/krita| grep exiv => /tmp/.mount_krita-HILJah/usr/bin/../lib/ (0x00007f24cfb52000)

And the appimage runs fine for me.

In fact it seems that library from appimage is requiring a version of GLIBCXX that is not installed on my system?
I was thinking appimage provides all dependencies
I’ll try to see how to update my Debian

But what is strange is, Krita 5.0-beta 1 and 5.1.0-prealpha appimage don’t return me the error message

@raghukamath may be it’s better to split the posts in a new topic to not pollute this one? :slight_smile:


Just installed a Debian 11 in a VM, downloaded appimage, it works.

Then, it seems the appimage is waiting for something being installed on my Debian 10.
Will try to install a Debian 10 in a VM (currently don’t want to do hazardous things on my workstation :sweat_smile:)


For what I saw, /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ on Debian 10 doesn’t include GLIBCXX_3.4.26

grum@maetel:~$ strings /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ | grep GLIBCXX

On Debian 11, no problem.

So, it seems that the current appimage of krita 5-beta 2 can’t be used on Debian 10 :frowning:
Version of library on Debian 10 = 8.3.0-6

Looking on GCC (ABI Policy and Guidelines)
GCC 9.1.0: GLIBCXX_3.4.26, CXXABI_1.3.12

So I suppose Krita 5-beta2 has been compiled with GCC 9 while previous Krita 5-beta1 and Krita 5.1 are compiled with GCC 8?

Currently can’t upgrade to Debian 11 (no time for this) so I’ll stay with Krita 5.0-beta1 I think until I find time to upgrade my OS :sweat_smile:


Yes, we upgraded the used compiler for our appimages because we found an 30% (iirc) performance boost.

The 5.0.0-beta2 runs fine for me on a fully updated-upgraded Ubuntu 20 but gives that error message in the terminal on a fully updated-upgraded Debian 10.

Debian is know to be “slow” to update version of software; update on Debian are more often bug fix updates than major updates.
Here migration of GCC from 8 to 9 might be a major upgrade and then, Debian 10 stay on GCC 8 libraries

Ubuntu is based on Debian, but software update cycle is fast in comparison with Debian (every 6 month if I remember)
Ubuntu 20 might use a version of libstdc++ higher than 8.3.0 :slight_smile:


Ubuntu 20 would be based on Debian Testing, as was, about 18 months ago and they do their own ‘massaging’ of the repositories and libraries.
I might try backporting from Debian 11 repositories as an experiment on a cloned system.

But same compiler is not used for all appimages?

Maybe (when Final 5.0.0 will be available) it will be better to update the Krita’s download page “System requirement” section:

To inform user that at least a Debian 11 is required (or any distro for which libstdc++ is higher than 9.1?)


Oh the beta2 is released? Is it a silent release without big topic or download link? :laughing:

But it is the beta2 right? Not just a test?

I backported libstdc++6 from the Debian 11 repo to give version 10.2.1-6.
Krita 5.0.0-beta2 now runs with no apparent problems.

I realise that there may be other applications which object to this situation.

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@halla provided a link to release before official announcement
You can find it in the forum, it’s not “hidden” but for this you have to read all posts on all topics to found it :smiley:

Or just wait for the official announcement with public link that should occurs soon I think, as download link is already available :wink:


No problem i found it in the kde unstable mirror server, i check it some times :wink:

I just want to be save that this is the true beta2 :star_struck:

I suppose the stdlibc++ is backward compatible so I’m not really surprised :slight_smile:
The things is that now, your Debian 10 next update (especially if there’s a stdlic++ security update) may broke your manual “patch”

But Ok I don’t think it’s a real problem :slight_smile:
Most important is we now know that a workaround exists for user who can’t upgrade to a more recent Linux distro :+1:


@Grum999 I’ve just changed the sources.list entries back to buster, from bullseye, then did the full ‘update → upgrade → dist-upgrade’ dance routine and there were no problems - at this moment in time.

I do that dance every two weeks so I’ll keep an eye on it.

Yes because I think there’s no security update on libstdc++ and system consider that the one currently installed is Ok.
But what if Debian 10 provides an update to this library?

But i’m not sure that’s a real problem, I suppose most of Linux users -Linux users that use Linux for drawing- might use more popular and accessible distro like Ubuntu, for which updates cycle are faster


We’ll do the announcement on Monday, but it’s all prepared.


Has beta2 been completed? I see that “SeExpr: structured testing fixes” has not been merged yet. I thought it would be after it merged

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No, beta2 was waiting for the opengl patch and a fix to the loading of patterns. We will continue to make betas until we’re satisfied 5.0 isn’t introducing new bugs.