Krita 5.0, how do I recover my brush tags from previous version

I’d like to ask. Krita 5 resource databse seems to be different than that of previous versions. But how do I actually recover my brush tags and use them in Krita 5 ?

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Hello @novames00 :slight_smile: Your brushes will still be there, but in ‘All’, so it’s a case of organising them again under your preferred tags; that’s what I did. Not sure if there’s another way.

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I wish there was a faster method.

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Yes; that would be cool, especially if you’ve built up a lot of brushes over time. The comfort is that once it’s done you won’t need to do it again. Be sure to backup your folders as well, once you’ve re-tagged things, then it’s an easy copy/paste that’ll prevent needing to do the tags again.

Yes, that would be a wonderful feature. Storing ‘personal preferences’ in a config file or something like it. Not sure how that would work with various brush libraries etc.

an associated feature I’ve always wished for (for Painter as well) would be some way to associate/track/remember what brushes were used to create a particular image…

Hello @kacart!

With the help of the plugin “BuliNotes” (and also here) from @Grum999 you can at least add it to your images by hand, especially for brushes there seem to be some good ideas realized, just take a look at it, maybe you were looking for something like that.
I haven’t really tested it yet, so I can’t say anything more specific about it.


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Thank you…I’ll take a look…I do know you can add ‘image info’ to most image file formats.


BuliNotes allows to save some brush reference into krita files, but it won’t really help for the current problem.

If tags are lost during upgrade Krita 4.4.5 > Krita 5.0.0, ButliNote won’t restore anything.

For me, if user configuration is lost during upgrade it’s more a bug than anything else.
During upgrade from Krita 4 to Krita 5, kkrita should be able to convert tags from old system to new system.



Still though. Where is the resource data located in Krita 5 ?
Is it saved in an sqlite database this time instead of xml files ?

Maybe I’ll succeed in writing a simple converter for the tag data, from the xml file to the new .tag files. That way, the tags will be kept. I haven’t done that yet.

On startup, Krita will read the .tag files and fill the tag and tagged_resources table.


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