Krita 5.1.1 Released

Krita 5.1.1 Released

The developers have released Krita 5.1.1. This is strictly a bug fix release. Two serious problems are fixed in this release: a slowdown in start-up time experienced by some people, and a crash when copying a vector layer. Check it out.



Published at on 13th September, 2022

Today we’re releasing Krita 5.1.1. This is strictly a bug fix release. Two serious problems are fixed in this release: a slowdown in start-up time experienced by some people, and a crash when copying a vector layer.

Other fixes are:

  • Native macOS touchpad gestures should now work properly. BUG:456446
  • On Android, the application size no longer increases because swap files did not get deleted.
  • On Android, a possible crash on startup is fixed. BUG:458907
  • Several issues with the MyPaint brush engine were fixed. The MyPaint eraser now uses the proper brush settings, and the unusable blend mode selector is now disabled if a MyPaint brush has been selected. . BUG:453054, BUG:445206
  • For Animation, the “start numbering at” when exporting an image sequence has been fixed. BUG:458997
  • Krita no longer crashes if the user has removed the kritadefault.profile canvas input profile from both the installation as the runtime folder
  • On reading ACO palettes, the color swatch name is now read and set on the swatch. BUG:458209
  • Fix a crash when selecting a layer in the layerbox. BUG:458546
  • Inprove slider steps for the fade, ratio and similar color selection threshold
  • When moving paintable nodes, the canvas is updated only once.
  • Provide the workaround for OpenGL canvas showing black rectangles if there’s more than one assistant visible to all platforms. BUG:401940
  • Improve the performance of working with ZIP files, like .kra and .ora files.
  • Fix opening single-layer PSD files. BUG:458556
  • Make the Update link in the welcome widget clickable. BUG:458034
  • JPEG-XL: Fix linear HDR export and float 16 import. BUG:458054



If you’re using the portable zip files, just open the zip file in Explorer and drag the folder somewhere convenient, then double-click on the krita icon in the folder. This will not impact an installed version of Krita, though it will share your settings and custom resources with your regular installed version of Krita. For reporting crashes, also get the debug symbols folder.

Note that we are not making 32 bits Windows builds anymore.


The separate gmic-qt appimage is no longer needed.

(If, for some reason, Firefox thinks it needs to load this as text: to download, right-click on the link.)


Note: if you use macOS Sierra or High Sierra, please check this video to learn how to enable starting developer-signed binaries, instead of just Apple Store binaries.


We consider Krita on ChromeOS as ready for production. Krita on Android is still beta. Krita is not available for Android phones, only for tablets, because the user interface needs a large screen.

Source code


For all downloads, visit and click on Details to get the hashes.


The Linux appimage and the source .tar.gz and .tar.xz tarballs are signed. You can retrieve the public key here. The signatures are here (filenames ending in .sig).


Without visible resource check, the restart is about 7 seconds! :rocket:

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That’s good news - I held off on updating after reading about the startup bug. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Continuing the discussion from Krita 5.1.1 Released:

The mac download on the home page: Krita Desktop | Krita – is still pointing at the 5.10 version.

Just mentioning this if it’s still on the to-do list. :slight_smile:


Thanks All!!!

The version on steam is still 5.0.6…

I tried it yesterday, and while the steam page said 5.0.6, I got 5.1.0. @emmetpdx can you check this?

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Another bugfix release is much awaited.
The current Krita version still has a very bad issue with vector handles.
There’s a glitch which occurs when you activate layer styles, then use the transform tool on the layer with the active layer styles.


Rather than complaining again about this or that, it could be better to:

  • give thanks to developpers for the provided work
  • open a topic, or better, a bug request if something is not working, with detailled explanation
  • just be patient and wait the problem to be fixed, because there’s a lot of thing in todo list, and as you already know there’s not enough developper to fix/implement everything




Hi there! I was trying to download Mac OS (HIgh Sierra) version of Krita 5.1.1, but I keep getting version 5.1.0. Can you please fix the problem?

Thank you!

Can you try this link -

I get a 5.1.1 dmg from it, if you get an older version may be it is a caching issue

Don’t think it’s a caching issue. The download page on the Krita website still links to 5.1.0 in the case of MacOS.

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Yes the installer linked in the download page is still 5.1.0. I think it is not updated yet. @scottyp or @halla need to know about it.

@Charlie_H You can download the dmg from the release post or from the link I gave you.

wow!! what a difference in startup speed. Thank you so much for this one!

I’ve been watching the download page and it keeps updating the “Released on…” date to today’s date. Who do we notifiy to fix the main download page?

@scottyp might know about it.

I will have to look into it. The date is manually entered in WordPress to get those results. I will have to look at the code when I get home to see why it isn’t being translated correctly. This is what it looks like in WordPress now. I haven’t done anything with that in a long time, so not sure why it would be acting up now.

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