Krita 5.1 - new features showcase

Hi everybody,

Glad that krita 5.1.0 beta2 is out. We’re really close to the official release now.

Here’s a video for you with all the new features to get hyped a little bit.

Enjoy :wink:


does anybody ele have a problem with screentouch features like zoom rotate not working in 5.1 ?they work foin in 5.0

I handled it on yt comments.

@wojtryb I read the comments on the YouTube video about the Vector tools…

I’m using Krita’s Vector tools now with a rose bud. It’s working well except a few problems with choosing the colors for gradients. See my post about checking out the Vector tools:

And see this about my color picking troubles:

It’s coming along! BTW, I looked up instructions about doing Vector graphics in Clip Studio and it just does not compare with Krita’s ability!! Doing Vector using Krita is Much Better although not as easy as Infinite Design, it still blows CSP away IMO!