Krita API - Annotation system and data lost


With implementation of annotation in API (something really useful :star_struck:), I’ve made the BuliNote plugin.
I’m using it as I’m using Krita 5-beta (the best way to find bug is to use it :slight_smile: )

But this week-end, while drawing some sausages, Krita violently crashed.
Can’t tell why, netheir what I was doing at this moment (trying to delete a layer or drawing stroke…)

When Krita crash, on next startup, Krita ask to made a choice:

  • Open the autosaved version of document
  • Open the last manually saved version of document

Opening the autosaved version of document, I saw that all BuliNotes embedded in document were not here anymore.

It seems that autosave doesn’t save annotation :confused:

Is it a bug? (annotation autosave not working)
A missing functionality? (annotation autosave not implemented because didn’t think about this case)
Or a choice to not save them? (autosaving for what I understood do not generate a real .kra file but it’s more a file in which current state is saved, or something like this?)


The autosave file doesn’t have a merged image but it does have a preview image. Apart from that, internally, it seems to be a complete .kra file, as it must be to recover the state of the image before the crash happened.

I don’t know how the BuliNote plugin stores its data so I’ve no idea why it’s not saved in the autosave file.

Have you examined the internal structure of the autosave .kra file to figure out what is missing?
It does sound like a bug (of the oversight type).


I’ve made additional tests, can’t reproduce what happen last sunday… :woozy_face:
Annotation are properly saved in autosave document… :+1:

Maybe I had 2 version of same document opened?? One with note and another one without note :thinking:

I’m going to sleep, it’s better I think :sweat_smile:


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