KRITA ART CHALLENGE: Paint a fairy creature using only two brushes!

I am so happy to challenge you for a second time.
In this challenge I want you to try and paint a fairy creature.

These are the 5 rules:

1 The creature must be cute.

2 The creature can be modeled from an existing animal or can come from your imagination.

3 The creature must have antennas on the top of its head.

4 You can only use two brushes.

5 You must add a background. (please use as many brushes as you want for the background. the restriction is only for the making of the creature).

00:00 Introduction
01:29 Reminder # 1: Paint on a dark background
02:19 Reminder # 2: Use different brush opacity, flow, and size settings
03:00 Reminder # 3: Use clipping masks
03:41 Reminder # 4: Use the eraser
04:07 Reminder # 5: Use the HSV/HSL adjustment feature
04:23 Reminder # 6: Flip your image
04:36 Conclusion


Hi there - Thank you for the video and the challenge. I painted this fairy (inspired by snails) using a rough bristle brush and blender blur brush. For the background I used a few crayon brushes from Ramon’s bundle. I had never used flow before so I learned something very valuable. Thanks, again!


I love it. You did a great job. Love the staff! Thank you so much for sharing your art with all of us.

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Brushes used:
1.basicshape (Sketch layer)
2.Ink-4 Pen Rough (Ink layer)

Background Brushes:
Texture Impressionism Pattern


I love your fairy creature!

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It is amazing and so creative. Thank you for participating. Your choice of colors is particularly inspiring.

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