Krita Commit Summary: Week of July 25 - July 31

After seeing discussion related to developer communication, I thought of the weekly reports that have been posted here in the past, and wondered, “Is this helpful to users, even just a list of code changes?”
Well, I’ve compiled a list of the commits last week from GitLab, and while there’s more going on in development than the list could tell you, maybe there’s some interest in seeing a snapshot of it. So here it is.

(For a different weekly perspective, see the Weekly Meeting Notes on the Mailing List.)

To try out these changes for yourself, download the latest nightly builds:
Stable (5.1.x): Linux - Windows - macOS
Unstable (5.2.x): Linux - Windows - macOS - Android

Last week in Krita’s development: a list of commits from July 25 to July 31.
With 5.1.0’s release coming up soon, the focus is on bugfixes.


5.1.x branch (and Master):


** Crashes:

** Misc.:

** Animation:

** Android:

Master (5.2.x) branch only:


Feature improvements:


Thanks for picking this up. I think along with the weekly report we can also add in links for the nightly builds



And I’ve already started gathering this week’s list. :slight_smile:


@freyalupen thanks for picking this up!

I just mentioned a reference for how McNeel (a CAD vendor) communicates its commits, perhaps it’s of interest to you, see this post:

Also, you should check this post. If you create a reply and quote the post, you’ll see how this formatting was created. You can make larger headers. :wink:

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