Krita crash on right click


Krita crashes each time on right click, this happens both with mouse or wacom bamboo tablet

software versions:

krita 4.4.2-2
linux 5.10.14.arch1-1
linux-api-headers 5.10.13-1
qt5-base 5.15.2-3 

log from gdb:

gdb output -

Please use the appimage instead. This looks like another bug caused by Qt 5.15 messing up the internals of QImage.

can we localize the issue and create bug for QT developers?

We could, but… Qt 5 will not have a public release for all practical purposes. The Qt Company, in their infinite stupidity and cupidity have decided to only make available Qt5 releases to the public as free software one year after the release. So if we report a bug, and if it gets fixed, which is not at all likely, we won’t get the fix. Which in turn makes me disinclined to report bugs to them.

We see a similar issue with Qt 5.15 and resizing brushes, by the way.

We’re really on the horns of a dilemma here: for our own builds, we use a heavily patched Qt 5.12 because newer versions of Qt have killer bugs (like breaking multi-window mode on Windows). If we investigate this issue and find a fix, it’ll be a Qt 5.15 fix, but we cannot ship with Qt 5.15 anyway because of all the other bugs.

And in the meantime, Qt6 is out, with a metric ton of bugs, a bunch of modules missing and some really dubious design choices, like removing support for Angle on Windows.

Sorry for the rant… This really is quite some problem.


The Qt Company … have decided to only make available Qt5 releases to the public as free software one year after the release

@halla Is that really true? I remember there was a discussion sometime last April … KDE developers where sounding the alarm that the Qt Company had planned delaying open source releases for a year. There was a prompt denial and that was the last I heard of that – did they follow through with this madness?

Anyway, just came to say that I have the same problem and a downgrade to 4.4.1 fixed it for me. (Edited to add: my setup is Arch linux with Qt 5.15.2)

Yes Qt company announced in late January to cut off the open source variant of 5.15 from updates, only paying customers get bug fixes for LTS releases anymore.

And yes it’s going to be a lot of fun as more distributions decide to deploy 5.15 in its broken state. Was a really GREAT idea to make QImage related functions multithreaded, introducing several deadlocking and memory corrupting bugs with it (yes there are plenty of bug reports already) and then cut us off from fixes.

If we’re lucky, distros will be able to backport fixes from Qt6 (if they get fixed, last time I looked they were all unfixed for both 5.15 and 6.x), so far Qt company still needs the OSS community as their Qt6 guinea pigs, basically.


Thanks, 4.4.1-7 is working fine with the same Qt version
So, are there an ychances that bug was introduced in krita 4.4.2 update and can be fixed in future?

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I am using the appimage and have the same problem. Switching back to 4.4.1

See 431944 – Crash when opening Pop-up Palette

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Looks like it’s fixed in master. I’ll test it in the next release. Thanks for sharing the ticket @halla

thanks, I will wait for package update in arch and will update topic after testing new version

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