Krita fails to render animation frames

I love using your software but when i try to render the expert mp4 I keep getting update and say “animation falling to render animation frames” the frams that i am using is 1327 fames at a 24 fps. overall can you help me with this i don’t know if it is a limit to krita?

Hi, 1327 frames is a lot and that might be the problem. You could split the animation into two or three pieces, render them separately, and then stitch them together with a video editor like Avidemux (free (and under GPL I think)). And report back here if it doesn’t work that way.

Then you could also tell us which operating system and version of Krita you are using to animate, that might help with troubleshooting.

Anyway, it’s very early in the morning here (or very late at night), I’ll go to sleep right now and check back tomorrow. In the meantime, your topic should have been moved to the correct sub-forum and with any luck you may find other users who can help you in the meantime.

And don’t be surprised if your topic changes sub-forums, I asked for it to be moved, I don’t think it belongs in here, it happens.

Translated with DeepL, it’s very early in the morning and I’m tired and lazy, sorry. :wink:

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Having 1327 frames should not be a problem in itself.
Having a large canvas size with many layers and many keyframes would increase RAM usage and may cause problems, depending how much RAM you have on your PC.

How much RAM do you have on your PC?

Can you take a full screen screenshot when your animation .kra file is open and upload it here?

Have you made animations before using krita?
Have you rendered smaller animations with no problems before?

Where did you get ffmpeg from?

Here is a small and simple test animation that should render with no problems on any computer:

Please download it, open it in krita and try to render it to .mp4.


@c_money_the_gamer which version of Krita are you using?
If you render animation as PNG sequence files, do you have the problem?


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