Krita Interface

Hello. I have a question on how to get Opacity & Size back at the top of the Page? Thanks

That’s in the Settings > Configure Toolbar.

Then on the dialog (picture under), you’ll need to move “Brush option slider 1” (or 2, or 3) from the “available action” column to the “Current action” column (by using the arrows buttons between the two columns). Once you apply; the sliders will reappear on the top toolbar. Note you’ll have to configure them to show Opacity/Size (or Flow) with a little arrow that appears on the right of the slider.

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THANK U!!! I’m going to go into it now.

I got them back!!! Thank U so much!!! Do U have an youtube or social media pages?


Oh yes, for social medias and channel, I litteraly live on the Internet :sweat_smile: Thanks for asking!

social medias:

Krita video tutorials, demo, making-of:


Ok!!! I have subscribed to IG, FB & I was already on Ur YouTube!!! :ok_hand::v::+1:


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