Krita is my main tools now

thank you for creating Krita, its replacing psd and sai as my main tools to draw now.
this image is for the dev. free to use


Welcome! Nice first post!

Beautiful artwork. I really like the rim light on the girl.

thank you kacart :pray:

thank you for the nice words, shahar_korren

Thank you for sharing your work, the lighting is gorgeous. So happy you found Krita. It’s my favourite, too.

thank you for your nice words, sooz.
yeah the traditional paint tools is satisfiying, i like the oil brushes, and the control (i like toggle between eraser and brush using E button only for example) and features is very good. its like the corel painter i tried long ago. actually sometimes the krita got error, and crashed, but its still my fave.


here is another result of using the basic and oil brush. i felt it was more naturally blending it compare to sai1 (i havent tried sai2 btw) or psd drawing tools


Beautiful work! Welcome! Krita and its developers are so kind and awesome, it replaced Photoshop for me fully :heart_eyes:


thank you rakurri!. ya its the same here, felt in love with the traditional tool feels of it. totally agree, i think so too about them.

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I fell in love with Painter (now from Corel but then…) from the moment I encountered it probably 30 years?? ago… It was the Only thing at the time that tried to mimic natural media…it was wonderful and I spent $100’s of dollars on it over the years… Krita is the only thing that comes close to what it does. It is wonderful and amazing and I LOVE it!


Welcome to the forum.

What an amazing work, thanks for sharing.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Wow, I love the way you play with the light, and I really like the brushwork as well. Thanks for letting me see this!


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thats right, kacart, you said it better, for me krita is excellent because of how it mimics the natural media.

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thank you for the warm welcome and nice words, jeremiah. :pray:

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hello michelist, thank you for nice words, i use photo reference there and tweak the proportion to my own style. its from this one


Thanks for sharing the reference photo!

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What a beauty! Reminds me of a friend, well done, great sense for colouring! :sparkles:

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thank you, maxmint