Krita Manual and Release Notes for 5.0, proofreading help needed.

Hey everyone,

I’ve marked the manual as ‘5.0 beta’ today, to indicate it’s almost done and ready for string freeze (that it can be translated). I am however a bit anxious, because I am unsure if I missed any features. We’ve had so much development over the past year, that I just plain lost track!

Similarly, we also have in progress release notes which also need to be double checked for missing items.

Note: some of the links on the release notes don’t work, because they point to the manual pages which are not being generated yet.

For the manual, you can currently just click around on the file names in the main branch:

And some key topics addressed:


Animation Timeline
Animation Curves
Import Animation
Introduction to animation page
Storyboard Docker


Resource management


Color smudge brush
MyPaint brush engine


Recorder Docker
Brush Tip from Height Map tutorial
Gradient Brush Tip tutorial
heif/avif pages

So if you see anything on these pages that makes no sense to you, or you are thinking that some features are missing, please give me a heads-up!


Great to read, and hadn’t realised there was a cleanup feature in the recorder; that’s really cool! I’d searched earlier about the ‘drag colour from palette to layer’, due to issue with colour being a different tone, and couldn’t find anything, but I could have missed it. Also, in the section referring to lightness, there’s not info on how to turn lightness on. Hope this helps.

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if it’s okay just to add on, should I do a bug report thread here, or at kde?

If your problem is that the color is a different tone when doing this, it might be a bug that needs to be reported to in the product Krita.

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Thanks. Just seeing what to do about email address if join the kde bugs site, as it says it would be visible. If I can’t go ahead with it (not sure how to find a private other email, or how to redirect it to main etc), it’s okay to make a thread here (I’ve got a screenshot I can add, to help illustrate the bug)?

You could open an account with one of the many free mail providers. Just search Google for free email. I have over 10 such freemail accounts for various purposes, mainly spam protection.


I know I can search, and have previously had protonmail then tutamail accounts, if that’s what you’re referring to, but not happy with any email address being shown, tbh. If a bug report is wanted, I’m more than happy to do that here, plus have images, which I understand can’t be uploaded to the kde site. Glad to contribute that way.

Images can be uploaded to KDE-Bugtracker too.


I think we can discuss the bug tracker issue in separate thread. Please keep this thread on topic. Thank you

Just discovered it was user error anyways, so no bug.

Well, there was my popup palette MR, milestone says 5.1, but everything except the settings which couldn’t be added due to the string freeze are in 5.0. I have a short (34s) video showing a quick summary of all the changes if it’s of any interest.