Krita Market! one stop shop for krita material, do you want one?

hello!!! do you know about Blender Market or CSP assets? maybe we can have something for krita too!


Hmm…is the tutorial and resource page enough already? it is but…

some do not speak English…and some are not very good at navigating a forum site.
also, there are no pictures. anyone can ‘read’ pictures :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

there are krita resources on the internet but they are spread out and mostly on English sites/with english search words. some awesome brushes were on reddit and i never go to reddit :laughing:

krita is made for everyone so i think it is a good idea to make find resources more easy~
plus! krita 5 will be the start of many many brushes! new texture brushes, new smudge brushes, new rgba smudge brushes, new mixer style brushes!!!


doesn’t this image make you excited to download more brushes? :grin: it is from krita manual, resource page

this was inspired by blender market but the main idea is to have a grid of pictures (click picture to go to a material) and to have filter options.

I am not sure this forum can replicate this style because it from a template (if i remember correct). We may need a new site…but what about money…?


i understand and respect if krita cannot go on with a plan like this because of financial reasons.

would options like this help?

  • a portion is donated to krita foundation (percentage, seller decides)
  • if there is no direct download, links to google drive, dropbox, etc
  • links to gumroad page instead
  • only free listings allowed (with links to gumroad etc?)


this is a big idea and complicated so we should discuss if this is possible.

i hope with this, more people can contribute easily, download easily, and feel more hopeful about krita. i see the non-english people talking about no materials : (

let us know what you think


It’s a wonderful idea in principle but I see that you’re aware of the various practical difficulties that would be involved.

(As a minor point, I don’t like using gumroad because I have to give my email address to them. I know I could set up a one-time disposable email address but it’s extra work.)

Some of the freely downloadable ‘packs’ of resources are not in bundle form and need to be unzipped and then manually put into the various subfolders of the krita resources folder before starting/restarting krita.
There are many native English speakers who have difficulty with that because they’re not really familiar with ‘computer concepts’ in general so there’s more to it than any language barriers.

What would be useful is more explanation in the manual and translations of the manual, all of which takes time and effort and organisation.

Have you tried explaining to them how to get free resources for krita and showing them the available links in the manual and on this forum?

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i see :open_mouth:

that gave me the idea of youtube video tutorials (one for windows and one for linux) where there are captions in different languages to choose. but what if youtube is blocked…oh no :sweat_smile:

i think the reason for more folders than bundles would be because of krita’s old resource manager? it could be but i am unsure. hopefully with the updated resource manager, creating bundles will be more stable.

oh yes! i keep the links close to me for people who need them.

mostly pages from krita manual or krita forum, some in DA, and some in reddit.

There was once an attempt to centralize third party (user created) resources but it didn’t went well for various reasons.

Personally I like to keep resources for Krita free of charge mainly because Krita describes itself as “[…] a professional FREE and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone”. Gatekeeping parts of it behind a paywall is a bit contrary. If it costs something it should be on the merch page or for third parties they can host it somewhere else where they can charge for it.


Good idea. It can contain free and paid stuff and free stuff could have a donation button. (or support me on social media button)
Also for searching they can use predefined tags that can be localized.


This is one of the things i want the most for Krita. It would make searching for brushes/presets/etc so much easier. Right now everything is all over the internet so this can be quite difficult for someone less internet-savy/ a beginner to find brushes and other custom made assets.

Concerning the problems with non bundle files, maybe a workaround to this is only allow for .bundle files to be uploaded. They are simple to install and manage compared to the other files

I dont think the platform needs to have tons of features like paid content and all, it would be nice sure, but as long has we have something to upload and download bundles it’s good. Doesnt need to be direct downloads too, maybe redirect to links to other services (google drive/mega/gumroad/artstation etc)


Uhmm I don’t really like this. Defeats the purpose of krita itself and the ecosystem around it.


Thank you for linking the article!

i understand your reasons why krita material should be free mostly. Thank you for explaining why.

I would like to explain my thoughts too. I think value is associated with money. people who try krita and go

“Wow, this is actually good for being free!”

i think they have a misconception that krita cannot be any good because it is free. who would give away access for the amazing program krita? :wink:

i think paying for a few materials each year will not be much as photoshop subscription. some people might move on to csp but that is okay. there are some people who really love krita and will like material. also we have special engines they dont have :wink: unless they 'borrow ’ idea from us :slightly_frowning_face:

i think money holds hands with the word professional. if someone put a lot of work into beautiful brushes i will like to buy to support their efforts. or if i really admire the artist and the style.

i love krita for being free but i think it can mingle with money too. like the development fund, good things can come from it. we can add value to krita :smiley:

it might sound shallow and mean to say money is associated with value but i think that is the sad truth. with this new society it is like this :disappointed: well not for everyone but maybe a bigger part… when I began to see people want the newest apple, brand clothing and shoes i realized. it is not their fault, the world has made some people change a little. value is hard to measure so people decide to use money to measure :laughing:

i also see this pattern:

  • Artist uses krita for commissions. Audience goes :open_mouth:

  • Artist says krita is better or just as good as photoshop. Audience says “maybe i should check it out again”

the scenarios are associated with money in a way. But there are other types of value, like exposure.

  • person with large following uses krita. Audience goes ??!! and they will try it because they admire the artist.


i saw a recent reddit post that said they felt they couldn’t make good art because they didn’t have a good software like csp or procreate. then they really tried and saw how good krita was :smile:

i think because procreate and csp are associated with money it is consider more “elite” money has a odd effect on people : (

i am sorry if i offend the krita community and developers by bringing up money. i love krita and contribute my thinking in a good way.

so i want to say in short that money appeals to some people and that having an area where people can see some paid options might be good.

i think paid links can go to a third party site like gumroad or etsy. but would having the option to see paid stuff with free stuff be so bad?

some might say “omg all the good krita brushes are not free” …well most good things are not free because effort needs some value (like money). krita is free but not free because there are people supporting the developers. There could even be special material for fund supporters only…

most brushes creators for krita do not charge and love to share presents and tips to make more brushes too. there is also the young art community that is thriving. they constantly go “what brush did you use” and the other artist gives them away for free. the young art community likes to share stuff too.

a site like krita market will make sharing a little easier and browsing easier. i think there will always be people who will find hateful things for krita. Like how some people start hating blenders changed ui or YouTube’s annoying Shorts videos.

i apologize if I offend anyone with my words. ty for reading.

even with an area with only free listings i think krita community would be okay with. but paid listings (with links to other sites) might be okay too…? let me know your thinking thank you

edit: when I said add value to krita i did not mean to say krita is worthless without money. i see krita with value in the bright community and amazing software. money just may bring new opportunities. the main thought why i bring up money because I looked at blender market. blender is free but i dont see people hating on the paid textures (or dont see too many). do you think people will really hate paid stuff? :disappointed: if so then just a place to share and download free material is good too.

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Yes, just a place for making it easier to downloading free stuff is good.

maybe it should only be free stuff then

I want to implement it that way that you can provide a zip file into the Resource Manager in Import Resources and it will do the job itself, but - I didn’t have time yet, so it will go into the next version…


I understand your saying about third market. blender foundation and blender market are not associated. So it would be better for a person to make independent market.

Do you guys consider links to third party sites (to sell material) true third party or no?

If no then I can understand. Thank you again for the words :smiley: