Krita Mobile UI Design

Krita Mobile UI Design

There was a person (raghukamath) a while ago on the VDG chat asking for a design for Krita that could work on phones (the desktop UI on mobile isn’t really usable). I mainly based these designs on the Kirigami UI style but with its own tweaks that makes it slightly more similar to Fusion and Material Design. Then I took the icons from Breeze and used 2px thick lines instead of 1px.

Main Menu

“Edit mode” don’t know the proper name

Of course I can only add one image… lol
Edit from moderator @tiar Let’s check if I can add it…

Gestures / shortcuts

  1. Three-finger tap to undo, four to redo
  2. Long press brush inside color picker to replace/edit the brush of the slot
  3. Drag color preview (bottom right corner) to the canvas to start picking colors
  4. Swipe from the bottom toolbar up and down to adjust the brush size
  5. Double tap on the header (the place at the top where the file name is displayed) to hide the UI when in normal mode. When in animation mode, play the animation full screen (rotate the device depending on the aspect ratio)
  6. When in animation mode, long press on an empty frame to open a pop-up menu (add blank frame, duplicate frame, delete keyframe w/o moving anything, rest desktop context menu)
  7. When in animation mode, long press a frame that is already drawn to copy
  8. When in animation mode, long press and slide to select frames (the same way iOS selects multiple images/files). After releasing your finger, the same pop-up menu mentioned before would appear, letting you apply your settings to multiple frames at the same time.

Uncompressed and @ 2x versions

Google Drive link (.zip)


Fantastic work on the mockups!
A lot of great ideas here! I especially love the new Main Menu.
I also like that you added that pin to the artwork. Pinning documents on the start menu would be a neat feature! :grin:
I don’t do art on my phone, so I don’t know much of what I need and what my preferences would be, but I do know that I think these designs look very nice!

Welcome to the Krita Forum :grin:

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There are some really neat ideas in here. I would say I also do not do much art/painting on a phone, so it is hard to say too much how great it is. The things like the scollable tools are really cool and something I wouldn’t have thought of.

I wonder if there is a place to find people that do a lot of artwork on phones. Phones seem like one of those things that people don’t expect it to do too much…but maybe they wish they had more.

I could see that be an interesting poll. “What do you expect Krita to do on a phone”?

  1. Everything, even if it gets a bit crowded
  2. Simplified and decluttered version - even if it is a bit more limited


  1. More important to work with fingers
  2. More important to work with a stylus

Thanks @Rakurri :smiley:
To be honest I don’t draw on my phone either. Still, krita for phones would be quite neat for making sprite art with the animation feature, or as a viewer for full-blown digital art pieces/animations. Maybe even for sketching with phones that have something like a S Pen, and then transferring that to a computer to finish it

oh, and while I was writing this @scottyp replied too :smiley:
Yes, I agree that a poll would be very interesting to see what people really want/need. When I started making these mockups, I was calling it Krita pico because at first I didn’t plan on adapting most of the regular Krita’s features but I added everything later as as challenge >:D took me a while to be honest

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These are really great mock-ups and would definitely help to use Krita on mobile phones. Thanks for working on these.

Last time I asked on the VDG IRC someone mentioned that kirigami is good but might be a but problematic to implement a UI for Krita’s complex features. How feasible it is to implement this mock? And I hope we could get more developer interest to make this reality.

Also @everyone should we move this mobile UI discussion to new thread?


Thanks! :smile:
And also, yeah, it might not be possible right now to do something like this with kirigami. It probably needs a bit of polish first

@raghukamath Yes, if someone else chimes in too, then I think we should move it to a separate thread. Unless you think my vote is enough, but I want to be sure that people really think the work investment would be worth it. I can say I don’t do work on phones and wouldn’t due to screen space and lack of pressure support, but tablets (which might have pressure support) have intermediate screen sizes that benefit from this well, and are still portable devices. I wouldn’t be surprised if, assuming any of this work was done, you would find it being used on tablets more than phones.

Anyway, mobile UI design discussions could easily escalate into a thread just as large as this one.


Moved to new thread here.


(sorry for the bump)

After about a year, I’m not completely sold on a few details so I’m going to start uploading some hopefully better versions, especially on the editing UI/UX itself so that it actually works on landscape and tablets. These use a Pixel 4a non-5G (instead of the Mi A2/PinePhone hybrid from before) as a base and a color scheme created with a perceptual color space in a calibrated monitor that works much better in amoled.

For now, here’s a few small tweaks to the welcome screen. It’s not too different, a few changes on the typography and there’s more icons at the Community buttons.

and here’s the Google Drive folder with @2x


I’m definitely interested in seeing this come to fruition. I draw on my phone frequently. I use a Samsung Note 9 at the moment.
Right now, the drawing apps that I use are on both phone and tablet, such as: Infinite Painter, ArtRage, and Sketchbook. They have very nice UI’s and I have been hoping that Krita could do the same!
(I got my tablet because I was very eager to try Krita Mobile on it. I like Krita on the computer very much and was very happy to see it offered on Android tablets at least.)

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No problem, these are gorgeous thanks for the mockup. I hope the final implementation is made with considering these.


This is really looking nice and “mobiley”. Though note that (1) unfortunately (in my personal opinion), there are no real plans to make it possible to use Krita on smartphones, only on tablets; and (2) we’ll need to use QtQuick, most probably, and most probably with KDockWidgets, and Halla was thinking about changing the welcome page, so there is still plenty of things that can change before anyone will be working on the welcome page on mobile, especially for this kind of aspect ratio. (Any changes right now would be just duct-taping it, and a waste effort).