Krita usage statistics

I was wonder if there any reveal on how much of download Krita gets (per month, or per year)?
What major users by country and other interesting numbers that show Krita popularity and usage.

I post the weekly download number in the weekly meeting document, for instance 13-09-2021 Meeting Document - Google Docs. I don’t split that out by country, though matomo does give some insight in that. Currently, we have about 80k unique downloads per week, though that grows year over year.

Microsoft also counts every individual time Krita is started on Windows, and shows that we have 3 to 4 million distinct windows users in any given month. We don’t have such numbers for macOS or Linux, but off-the-cuff, I’d say that adds about half a million, based on the distribution of downloads per OS.

It’s also fun to look at the twitter follower and subreddit numbers: on twitter we’re nearing 40k followers, and on reddit we’re over 50k subs, both substantially more than what I consider our most direct competitor, Clip Studio Paint.

Photoshop, btw, had 12,000,000 subscribers in 2019, which means Photoshop’s userbase is only about four times Krita’s.

And here we are, about half a dozen sponsored developers and single woman doing all the project maintenance and admin.


Much appreciate it.

@halla Don’t forget the small army of testers who are regularly kicking the wheels, slamming the doors and driving it around to see if anything goes wrong or falls off :slight_smile:


Yes! That’s really helpful. I was kinda thinking of the past couple of weeks, where the people victimized by the scammers would assume we have luxuries like a marketing department, promotion schemes and so on :slight_smile:


I assume that is you? What about Tiar?

Or maybe Tiar isn’t a single? :slight_smile:

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Single woman doing all the project maintenance and admin stuff, which I don’t do, thankfully :wink: And “single” meaning “one”, it’s not a disclosure of a relationship status of our maintainer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Who could have guessed? :upside_down_face:

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