Krita website not available anymore unless I use a VPN?

I don’t understand why but lately, this has been happening quite often.
I can’t acess the Krita docs or official Krita websites without using a VPN.
That’s so weird.

Where are you located, country-wise? And when did it start?

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Where are you located? When did and become inaccessible?
You can also try the following

  1. Check your proxy settings, an incorrect proxy can block your data traffic to and from the website
  2. Check DNS settings, bad DNS may not be able to correctly resolve domain names to IP addresses. You can try Google DNS ( and
  3. Use the “ping” command and the ‘ping’ command to check if the website is reachable
  4. Change WiFi hotspot

I’m located in Benin Republic(West Africa)
This is what happens when I try to ping the websites :

For some reason, this website as well as a few other aren’t working. I’m not using any custom proxy too.
When I ping, it works. So weird.

Here are my network adapter settings :

Krita-Artists[.]org and Krita[.]org are not the same organization and hosted behind different systems.
The official Krita homepage and everything belonging to the KDE-Universe is protected behind Cloudflare’s cloak of invisibility, and Krita-Artists is hosted via Hetzner who don’t seem to use Cloudflare for protection.
You can see this if you look at the IP’s. The forum can be reached via a direct call of its IP directly out of your browsers address bar, put in the address bar and hit enter. Try this with IP which is the IP of Krita[.]org, and you’ll get an error message that Cloudflare doesn’t allow direct calls.


Oh … I have also encountered this situation. and are unable to access, speeds are very slow.

Very strange. I set the dns to Ali public dns ( and, then reset the network, and then… I ended the DCOM service, which caused the computer to blue screen of death immediately. After rebooting, I tried to enter again, and it was very slow, anyway, I got in.