Krita Won't Start Windows 10

I have used Krita extensively in the past, love it.
Yesterday my version (uninstalled now, but about 2 years old, cant obtain build number) wouldn’t start. Some brief disc activity but didn’t appear in task manager.
Downloaded and installed 4.4.8 and after multiple restarts it worked. Did a heap of work and loved it.
Walked away and same problem occurred. Failed to launch. Downloaded older version 4.1.7 same problem.
Read on this forum advice to download Krita Plus, 5.0.0 beta, same problem.
All the threads covering this issue [tend to] end up suggest getting a crash report. But they are old, has anything come form this at all?
Any help greatly appreciated. My artwork is there, but I cant open it!

Just a guess but maybe you need to “run as administrator” for some reason. Have you set “compatibility mode” to an old version of Windows?"

You might set up another user on your machine and see if that user can run Krita.

Are you clicking the Krita icon to open it or are you double clicking a krita file to start the app?

test with portable app

Thanks for the suggestions. To answer your queries, I tried running as admin and as a different user with the same results.
“Compatibility mode” I think comes within Krita? So not an option if it wont start? I hope I understood you correctly.
And I am trying to run it from every icon, short cut and executable I can find. Same result.
Thanks though!

I don’t think this will help but I’ll tell you about compatibility mode just so you know. It’s a Windows thing. Use file explorer to navigate to “program files - krita - bin” and look for the “krita.exe” file. Right click on that and you’ll see a tab for compatibility mode. It’s meant to let users run older apps. Sometimes a user will tinker with that and wonder why newer apps don’t work properly.

The only other possibility I can think of is that you might have changed permissions on the krita directory and perhaps set something to “read only.”

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Also, try holding down the shift key and double clicking the Krita icon. If Krita is programmed to Windows standards it should generate new configuration files for you. It’s possible that configuration files for your last successful installation were corrupted and new installations are reading from them. These files remain in place even after you un-install unless you know how to find them and delete them.

Appreciate your help.
Thanks for leading me to the compatibility mode. I did try it with the same sad result. A few seconds of disc activity then nothing.
I am now running the portable version (thanks @cgvirus for the suggestion) from the downloads folder, so it’s not folder permissions either.
The portable version doesn’t work either.

Thanks. I gave it a go at your suggestion, unzipped it and ran it from the downloads folder… to no avail. Same result, a little activity then stop.

  • Is there a kritacrash.log or krita.log file in %APPDATA%? If so, that might give a hint of what’s going on.
  • Since you’ve tried with a different user, it probably isn’t useful to try resetting Krita’s config
  • Are you running any security software other than Windows defender?
  • Is your display driver up to date?
  • Please run a memory checker as well:
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Thanks for the suggestions. The krita.log is a record of a successful session I had yesterday.
There are heaps of crashdumps, could that be significant?
I’m running Norton. Have tried disabling it to check.
My drivers are good.
I have done a memory diagnostic and it’s good.
Appreciate your help.

Yes, the crash dumps could be significant. It might be easies to place the log files in a google drive or something like that and share a link here.

Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks for offering to have a look. I have put some of the crashdumps into this folder and anything else I could find in APPDATA.
Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
[edit] bedtime where I am; will check in tomorrow :sleeping:

Hm, the dmp files didn’t tell me a lot. The krita.log file shows one succesful session that ended normally. If there’s not also a kritacrash.log file, Krita fails to early to even install the crash handler, and I have no idea how to work on that.

I think krita old pref is getting clash. Can you remove krita installation and delete preference from %LOCALAPPDATA%\ > delete kritarc folder and then reinstall?

Thanks, @cgvirus
I deleted everything I could find from appdata/local and roaming pertaining to Krita including kritarc.
There were a handful of files that stubbornly won’t delete but I think they are history items (pic)Annotation 2021-10-20 080745
Reinstalled Krita 4.4.8 same problem, a few seconds of activity then nothing.
Glad I’m not missing something really obvious, its a puzzle isn’t it?

Can you create a new user account with username ‘tester’ and log into it.

Make sure your antivirus has krita set to ‘allowed’ or ‘safe’ or whatever the terminology is. Better still disable it completely.
Then download the portable .zip package from:
then Extract it and run the ‘krita’ link inside it.

If it runs, make a new file, do some painting in it then Save it to your desktop. Do not use your OneDrive folder.
Then try opening the saved file and do some editing in it and Save it again.

In case of a crash, look for kritacrash.log in the AppData/Local folder.

Does your antivirus have any activity logs or reports? If so, can you find them and see if it mentions krita in any way?

@wetaman I get the feeling that corrupted configuration files are the problem. That’s why the downloaded Krita zip package failed to run. It needs to share the installed config files. Some of these files date back to earlier installations. I think the best plan would be to uninstall Krita, delete config files, restart and reinstall.

To delete configuration files and old stuff after uninstalling:

Open file explorer, click on “View” and check “hidden items.”

Click on your “C” drive icon and open the “programdata” folder. If you see a Krita folder in there delete it.

Click on “C” again and open “program files.” If there’s a krita folder there delete it.

Click on “C” again and open “users” then open the folder that shows your name. Open the “appdata” folder.

Open the “local” folder in your appdata folder and if you see a krita folder there, delete it.

Go up a level to your appdata folder and open the “roaming” folder. If you see a Krita folder there delete it.

Remember, delete the Krita files AFTER you uninstall.

Make sure you’re online. When you reinstall Krita it might try to “check for updates” and if you’re not online there might be an error condition.

Restart, reinstall. The installation will create new configuration files and hopefully Krita will run.

Just so nothing goes wrong. @AhabGreybeard needs a possible crash log from the AppData/Local path of the new account “tester”!


What makes me very pensive here is the fact that there are two files listed there with IDENTICAL FILE NAMES. As far as I know, this is not possible under Windows on the local disks, for this you need ActiveDirectory, for example. At least interesting is a Krita archive in the linux typical format TAR.GZ on a Windows computer.

Could it be that you had Linux installed on this PC before and that you used Krita under Linux? Or did you make experiments with Linux on your PC, for example tried to run a dualboot system on a single harddisk partition, that would explain the undeletable locked files and also the two IDENTICAL FILE NAMES?
These duplicate files and the undeletably locked files on your machine can explain some misbehavior, because then Krita can’t access those files either. That these files are undeletable could be due to the fact that the files were created under Linux and characters were used which are not allowed in the Microsoft file system NTFS - I have experienced this myself. And if there are locked files in other directories that Krita needs, then nothing works.


@Michelist , right. Are the tar file and the zip file inside the appdata folder? They shouldn’t be there. Krita certainly didn’t put them there. Also, if a Windows user wants a portable Krita package it needs to be a zip, not a tar. And two files with the same name in the same folder is something Windows won’t be able to deal with. I can’t understand how they happened. Windows can’t index that directory now. So the config files are corrupt and can’t be deleted and new installations of Krita can’t overwrite them.

Two files with identical names inside one folder breaks Windows with respect to Krita.

Thanks so much for giving this some thought. I think the linux files are there as a result of me fumbling the portable installer and unpacking the zip in dumb places.
Also, I was searching in appdata for krita name, so these could have come from separate directories sorry for the confusion. These are search results, not a directory; my apologies.
I was tired. :slight_smile:
Weirdly, Krita Started for me tonight, and I used it for about half an hour. Then shut it down and tried to restart. Back to the same old problem. Clicking on the exe causes a brief activity that then stops.
That’s twice a new install of 4.4.8 has started and run and then failed to relaunch.
Does this suggest or rule out any issues in your opinion?