Krita's settings reset themselves, somehow

i’ve been having this problem for quite a while now and its getting annoying, that soemtimes, between sessions krita randomly resets ALL of its settings. Any imported brushes or any settings i would have made to the stabiliser or select tools or whatever is completely gone and i have to redo all of them from scratch. Earlier it only mainly happened when i had a few days between uses but sometimes it also happens when i open krita only after a few hours.

Does anyone else have this problem? is there any way to solve it if it seems to be a problem from my side?


You’re running on Windows or another OS (Linux, MacOS?)


i’m on windows 7

Windows7 is not officially supported anymore by Microsoft.

In FAQ, there’s a subject about your case:

There’s a third possibility
Krita’s resources files are stored in: C:\Users\XXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\krita

Here’s an article about windows roaming directory:

The Roaming folder is a type of folder that can be readily synchronized with a server. Its data can move with user’s profile from PC to PC

Do you have any kind of synchronization to an another computer/server ?


no, lemme read those links real quick

my computer isn’t synced to anything else lol, but i think the power’s probably it. i’ll post again if it isn’t xD

The Brush Smoothing options and the Selection tool options are stored in the ‘kritarc’ file in the AppData\Local folder.
Many options and settings are stored there.
This should be updated every time you Quit normally.
Have you been having any crashes?

A loss of kritarc would cause krita to recreate it in its default form at startup.

no, no crashes

Can you provide your kritrac file using a link to a file sharing service or website?

uhh confuse i’m not exactly tech proficient

A file sharing service is something like Google Drive or Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive. You may or may not have one of these services available.

A file sharing website will let you upload a file to it and then give you a link for downloading so that you can give that link to other people.

I’d suggest for anonymous (no login needed but a 30-day storage time limit) file sharing.

If your kritarc file or the krita resources folder is being damaged, then they will be recreated in default form when you next start krita.

Which version of krita are you using?

i’m on the latest version of krita and i don’t think the files are damaged. I have a feeling that tis what Grum said and just the power issue, but if the problem comes up again i’ll willingly share the file.

Thanks for the help though, both of you

People have said that before and have been quite a few versions behind the current release, which is 4.4.8.

As @Grum999 indicated, Windows 7 was abandoned by Microsoft at the beginning of 2020, so krita can no longer support Windows 7.

hmm… in that case i’ll have to check, because i actually don’t remember the version its on.

AS for windows 7… well. guess i’ll have to update soon.