Landscape. Mountains scene sandbox

Add some scenery a character or vegetation an animal a building… do whatever you feel. Style doesn’t have to match.

Thanks and have fun.


That’s a fun idea! Will have a go at it over the weekend. And a good way to test-out the 4.2.8beta out too.


Here is my take on it

Was listening to the Risk of Rain soundtrack while working on it.

I’m exited to see what others will do and I’m going to throw my version back into the pool for others to take.


That’s really awesome @Takiro, I love it. Thanks taking a shot!

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Thanks. I first wanted to paint a single humongous golem that grabs onto the mountain edge but id didn’t work out so well, so I drew two smaller ones instead. But I still wanted one of them to grab the mountain to show their hugeness. I had to bring the mountain a bit closer to the front for that (to kinda work). I even wanted to paint a third smaller one next to the one on the right to show that they are not carbon copies of each other and can differ in size and shape, but I found that three is just too much.

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Here’s my take: Rescue from Doom Mountain.

Not quite happy with the values of the figures, but could not find a way to fix it.


Holy … That’s pretty cool! Love it. Very clever to extend it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Was intrigued by the split/crack in the mountain and the land before it. Was looking for a way to extend it.

Love the way you did the light in the original BTW, especially how the snow in the foreground catches the light and how it shines into the snow (if that makes sense).

I love this

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My take: Death from the right


Oh wow so nice! Nice small details added everywhere and I like the colors.

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Alien Ball Houses :alien:


I like your imagination, lol. This is wonderful

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That’s very cool! I like it

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Did this really quickly while at work after a co-worker asked what it would be like to combine all the images


@Khemardi really enjoyed.

It’s the apocalypse. Even has en extra golem. :smiley:

really fun to see how each user has a new view of the painting :open_mouth: Nice idea to combine 2 or more artists and see results as a game.

That is epic!! Good example of the sum is greater than the parts and why collaboration can be so fruitful.

Keep it up guys :slight_smile:

Who owns the copyright now :crazy_face: