Layer Styles - Gradient Overlay

I don’t know how to use this stuff. No Start Point or End Point. Hard to choose Color.

Here’s video about weird things happening on Vector Layer. The gradient seems to works
differently than other software I have ever seen. Copying from Inkscape also doesn’t work.
I am amazed how David Revoy create Comic using Krita + Inkscape.

I don’t know why the vector fill gradient doesn’t work on text but it doesn’t so it would be a good idea to raise a formal bug report for that.

The layer style gradient overlay seems to be a ‘broad brush’ effect but it does work at doing what it does, as far as I can tell.

If you select the text and switch to the Edit Shapes Tool, you can Convert To Path in the Tool Options docker and then it becomes a vector object that you can put controlled vector fill gradients on. It’s not text after that so you can use a copy of the text object to do that on.

In your video, copying from Inkscape does seem to work in that you copied a vector text object and it was pasted as a vector object. Was it text that could be edited? I noticed the colour change - is that what you meant or have I missed something?
[On my Linux system, that gives me a pasted paint layer so there’s some system level clipboard strangeness going on for me.]

David Revoy’s speech balloons were made in Inkscape (or similar) and exported as an .svg vector library for use in krita.
He might come along and tell you about his processes and workflow for other aspects of his work. Maybe you could poke him with an @ :slight_smile:

I think that a ‘safe and guarenteed’ way of working with Inkscape is to produce completed vector artwork and then export it as a .png file for import into krita.

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I think I misunderstood how it works. It’s painting gradient to the whole layer. I am using this wrong.
But I thinks still there’s a kind of bug going on in “Align With Layer” Option in Gradient Overlay. It might works at first but wait a bit later and use it. Align with Layer checkbox will not work anymore and I don’t know if it is checked or what kind of things are happening

And I wish Gradient Overlay also use this kind of Tool Option. Current one is confusing to use.

Cool, I don’t know that function till you said it. Still I want to know that why Gradient Color Fill doesn’t work directly on Text although Solid Fill works. Is that bug or Limitation ? In Inkscape it works.

And Gradient Stop can’t be removed.

I was expecting for Gradient Color to be in Krita when Copied. Instead it’s just Solid Filled Vector Text.

Thanks you.
I am afraid I might disturb someone by poking with @. So I just post only.

Yeah - best not to @Deevad - he’s a busy guy! :speak_no_evil:

Funnily enough - I only discovered the speech balloons yesterday after @tiar :hear_no_evil: mentioned the vector docker in another thread. That would’ve saved me a lot of hassle earlier in the year when I was carefully trying to paint them freehand! :weary:

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The Tool Options shows all the facilities for the gradient fill but it doesn’t work so it sounds like a bug, at least at the UI/Usability level. I think you should report it here:

It’s a fact that krita does not cover the full range of the SVG specification, which is not surprising. This is especially so with text. You’re better off using Inkscape to make any ‘fancy’ text and exporting it across as a .png image.
GIMP can do fancy text, including text along a path and I’ve used it for that, passing the final text image over as .png.

You can make your own vector libraries and I figured out how to do it using Inkscape if you’re interested, here:

Seems there’s already Bug Report about Text Gradient Fill in 2018.
About Align Layer problem in Layer Styles > Gradient Overlay. I don’t know how to explain.
I’ll report it later after figuring out.

I avoid talking about Text Tool Inconvenience in Krita because they’re going to revamp it in version 5 according to Blog Post “April Development Update”. I also hope Vector part get some love from devs as it’s really confusing between the functions of Vector and Raster Layers.