Layer Styles: new collections manager UI/UX design inside Layer Styles docker

My current idea:

Old layer styles manager:


  • less confusion what does what (at least I hope it’s more obvious)
  • allows you to save into various collections (before, all layer styles were saved into CustomStyles.asl)
  • allows you to save a layer style into a new collection (that isn’t CustomStyles.asl) - see that [+] button next to collections combobox in Save Style to Collection section
  • allows you to export multiple layer styles in one collection (before, export would export only one layer style per one file, which was later difficult to manage in the layer styles docker, because it would be one style per combobox item…)
  • you can copy and paste styles now! Well, I hope to have it implemented, at least. (382876 – Copy/Paste Layer Styles)
  • import style collection is just like it was before (just in a different place).


  • someone will have to implement that :smiley:
  • no New, Import and Export buttons on the left when being in other tabs (I don’t see it personally as a problem but maybe someone has a workflow that depends on it?)

It looks pretty ugly for now, but that’s because I was focusing more on general idea, this is the first layer styles manager mockup. I will gladly take both UI and UX suggestions, although UX is highly preferred.

The most important thing I wanted to achieve was:

  • make it less confusing/more clear
  • add missing functionality
    So if someone has a better idea how to achieve both of those, or want to improve upon my design, please do comment. Images appreciated!


Ping as FYI to @deevad @thimblefolio and @novames00 since it looks like you’re all interested in copying and pasting layer styles.


I’m interested into copy and pasting layer style as well.

I don’t see rename option.

Look cool overall , are there plans to finally add "blend if " options to style ;)?

No, it’s just a part of resource system rewrite, not layers styles rewrite. I’m not even sure if we manage to implement it before 5.0.0 since we still have Resource Manager and all the bugs to fix.

That’s a good suggestion. Do you have some advice where it would be best located? I guess in the Current Style section, maybe if you right-click on the style?
(I think all resources will be rename-able in the Resource Manager, too).

Sure Tiar , we have a way around to do that kind of action anyway so :wink: Hope main work on the resource system going well and we are close to the Krita 5 beta at least :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I use translation software to write my text.

I noticed that Layer Styles does not have a button to delete an individual custom style that has been saved.
This is annoying because as the number of custom styles grows, they need to be organized. It would be nice if there was a delete button under the “Export” button in the current UI.

It would also be nice to be able to rename the custom styles quickly. I think it would be more consistent as a UI if you could double-click on the name to change it, just like when editing a filter preset.

If the delete button is to be placed in the new UI image at the top of this topic, I thought it would be better to have the delete button below the “Load from clipboard” button.