Lemon and Silver still life.

This time I tried painting more traditional with heavy brushstrokes and similar to a baroque period painting. Critique are welcome.!


Great job!

Looks like a photo of a painting by one of the old masters.

Did you arrange it yourself? (Buying lemons, wrinkling up a table cloth etc)

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I used a photo reference and changed few things like the background, table and knife. The background was solid black on the original photo and the knife had a blue handle which make good color contrast with the warm lemons, but it felt like it didn’t belong. I use rough brushes for most of the work. Thanks.


The fabric looks awesome Very nice work…


I particularly like the metal, properly reflective, really enjoy it. Also, overall nice bounce lighting of the yellow in the cloth, and great cloth overall!

Thank you all for the comments. Appreciated.

I really like this painting. Awesome painting skill :smiley:

Beautifully done.